Wizkid – “Check”, Is The Best Teaser To Elate Nigerian Listeners, The Review


Check”, the un-anticipated record added next to Wizkid’s successful 2020 fourth studio album – “Made In Lagos”, has been built with the finest afro structural percussion instruments, progressive synth, and bold trumpeting rifts that both accompanies unending melodies which the record entirely displays from start till the end.

Check” literally is like a teaser song and is more like a freestyle that was almost lacking in total serious attitude in the general creation.

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Though it was released, Wizkid’s delivery sounded worthy to sustain an average Nigerian listener.

The record is club and dance-worthy to create a level of happiness and keep a grin and continues glee on the face of Nigerians who are going through phases of plight and discouragement; probably it could be on a relative set of Nigerians vibing to the enriched song in a club and sipping multiple rounds of bottled cold Heineken beer alongside listening to the sweet song and absolutely not thinking of their problems that moment, with a young chic twerking her butt to their face.

Wiz’s “Check’, has been rooted to bring forth deep happiness that is kind for Nigerians to transit with their daily struggles of life.

Perhaps, after Wizkid transcended in full-fledged and polished westernized Afro-structural sonic aesthetics knitted with cultural expansion and other genres for his last project, I feel he makes this single to fill the void and connect to his Nigerian audience.

Check” is quite naughty and sieves a regular Wiz’s tang and something relative to his creative orthodox that would deeply enrich and satisfy Nigerians, and could make them feel connected to his music after all.

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“Hold me tight, Hold me tight/When you need me baby come make we link on the phone line/Once you call me, I dey run, run to you”.

Wizkid concurrently applies a very thick Afro-essence of loving a fine African lady unto his chorus in between the first verse that marks a clot with his laid back creations like “Ghetto Love” on a fast level, deemed to wire live unto listeners body and soul to their feet, to refuel its greasy rhythm and make them dance reckless abandon.

This song is a kind teaser, and Wizkid may have it as a surprise pack and it could be for the cause of something bigger – fingers crossed. Listen to Check by Starboy ft Wizkid

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    Wizkid is my first an de last musician I ever an I will never like in de rest of my life,, it is only true wizkid I discover dat a tree is modan a forest b/c only him can form a market squats keep it on my boss ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐BBBBBOOOOOYYYYY💝💝💝💝💝

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