Few Tips on How to Get a Good Girlfriend


how to get a good girlfriend fastLet’s say you’ve met the girl of your dreams and you want to turn her into your girlfriend. Before you start seeking her out for dates, heed the following tips on how to get a good girlfriend, and how you can have the best relationship with her.

Maintain a neutral tone when talking about sensitive topics

Regardless of how well you know your girl, you must not make the mistake of asking too much, too soon.

If you want to learn how to get a good girlfriend, you must first know that women have a lot to hide, particularly about their past relationships.

So, take a deep breath and ask neutral questions.

Open your ears to signs that she’s ready to talk about more personal things like her ex and her idea of a good boyfriend.

Next, ask tactfully about her family.

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If by listening to her stories, you can sense that she has had a troubled childhood, don’t ask too much about the topic.

The fact is, you need to concentrate on making her feel comfortable talking about personal stuff with you if you intend to have a romantic relationship with her in the future.

Keep the compliments tasteful and few

Men who are still in the dark about how to get a nice girlfriend usually fail to notice when a girl is staggering under the heaps of compliments you’re piling on her.

I know you probably think the old adage about flattery being the key to a woman’s heart, but you need to keep the flattery minimal if you want to score with a woman.

A woman can tell whether you’re just strategizing about how to get a good girlfriend or you’re really sincere.

If your compliments are not targeted (i.e. you comment positively about everything she’s wearing), she will see through you immediately.

Here’s a hint: if you want a woman to feel flattered, compliment her personality more than her looks.

She probably gets complimented a lot for her appearance, so hearing that you absolutely love her personality will make her blush more.

Keep your eyes on her face

Sexual tension is high during a date, and women are well aware of this.

If she wore a low-cut blouse to your date, make sure you don’t disrespect her by talking directly to her cleavage.

Of course, this advice applies only if you want to learn how to get a good girlfriend, and not ‘how to get laid immediately after you meet her’.

In any case, it’s still in good taste to keep looking at her face regardless of how provocative her upper garment is.

A woman who feels like she’s being ogled or visually mauled during your date will not agree to be your girlfriend.

Keep your eyes to yourself for now.

Maybe you will get a chance to tell her how sexy she looked during your first date after you’ve been in a relationship for a few months at least.

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