How to Tell if a Girl Likes You (MUST READ)


How to Tell if a Girl Likes YouHow to Tell if a Girl Likes You (MUST READ) – Wondering how to tell if a girl likes you? Once you know and can read the signs that a girl is attracted, you can make your move and tell her how you feel.

Use these indicators to know when she wants you.

Her eyes have the answers

If a girl likes you then you will find that she will look at you a lot.

If you are in the same room and she looks once or twice don’t get too excited, this doesn’t mean much.

But if she is constantly looking at you or in your direction, then you can be confident that she is attracted to you.

It’s not just her looking at you that you should watch out for.

Girls who like you will also be afraid of you “catching them” looking.

So if you turn and see a girl quickly breaking eye contact (this needs to happen more than two or three times), then you can be pretty sure she was staring at you and likes you.

Girls obviously make eye contact with you during conversation so please don’t take this as a sign that they like you.

Touches her Hair/Scalp

If a girl starts adjusting her hair more than is normal, this is one way how to tell if a girl likes you.

She will run her hand through it and put loose strands behind her ear.

She may also lightly scratch just behind her ear.

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Remember that she has to do this more than once or twice for you to be sure that she likes you.

She laughs at your jokes even when they aren’t funny

Girls who are attracted to you will laugh at your jokes far more often than girls who are not.

This is a sure sign that she is attracted to you.

She touches you a lot

When this girl is around you, does she touch you a lot.

More than she would touch other people? If so then you can take it as a sign she likes you.

Does she always want to hang out?

If this girl is always asking you to hang out (alone with her) a lot, then you can be pretty sure that she likes you.

Look out for the other signs when you are hanging out together.

She is shy around you

While some girls are more flirty and extroverted around guys they like, some girls are the opposite.

They become shy and quiet when they are in the presence of someone they like.

If the girl is normally loud and boisterous around her friends but she becomes quite shy around you, then you can be positive that she.

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