Good Kissing Techniques (What You Need To Know)


Good Kissing TechniquesUse this list of good kissing techniques to arouse, enthrall and seduce your boyfriend or girlfriend.

This list is not exhaustive, but it does offer the best kissing techniques that anyone can use right away.

Lick and Suck

If you move from kissing your partners lips to kissing their neck, it can feel quite nice.

Then gently lick their neck so that there is a small amount of saliva now on your partner’s neck.

Lift your lips slightly off their neck above the saliva and start sucking so that there is a small amount of air quickly passing between your lips and your lover’s neck.

This causes the small patch of saliva to rapidly cool and will give pleasant but sensuous feeling to your partner.

Use your Hands while kissing them

Using your hands to turn your partners face and to brush hair out of the way is very sexy.

Obviously you need to be gentle while doing this, but it is always a turn on for either you or your partner to take the lead when kissing.

Use your thumb and forefinger underneath their chin to tilt their head back and forth or side to side.

Use your fingers to brush loose hair out of the way of their face.

Kiss their back

Get your guy/girl to lie face down on their belly on your bed while you straddle their back close to their bum without putting too much pressure on them with your weight.

Now slowly and sensually start kissing their back with super soft kisses.

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Start by their neck and shoulders, then VERY slowly and gently work your way down to the small of their back with kisses, then back up again to their neck.

Kiss from behind

The next time you are lying in bed together or when you are watching tv together or even if you are both just close to each other, get into the spooning position, with both of you facing the same way.

Position yourself so that you are behind your partner.

Gently brush you partner’s hair to the side and slowly start kissing their neck, while hugging and caressing their body with your hands to show them how much you love them.

Ice Cube Kiss

Take an ice cube from the freezer and put it between you teeth or lips.

Get used to taking the ice cube back into your mouth then back in between your lips/mouth.

Then start kissing your companion with you lips, then use the ice cube to slide around on their skin close to where you previously kissed.

The alternating cold sensations and kissing is a very good kissing technique and quite arousing.

Bite/Nibble Kiss

One really good kissing technique that is often overlooked or not bothered with because it almost doesn’t make sense, is to genteelly bite or nibble on the same skin that you are previously kissing.

For some reason, this produces a very pleasurable feeling.

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