How to Kiss – Why Learning to Be a Good Kisser is Crucial


how to kissLearning how to kiss someone properly can be a minefield. They might just be a friend or they could be someone you are romantically involved with.

No matter what the situation, it’s important to kiss the right way.

These great kissing tips will help make every kiss a memorable one.

Pre-Kissing Tips

Before launching straight into the different kissing techniques, there are some important prerequisites to take care of.

The first (and hopefully obvious) issue you must take care of is proper hygiene.

Nobody wants to kiss or French kiss someone who has bad breath, bad teeth or general bad hygiene (such as gingivitis, body odor etc.).

Ask yourself, “Would I want to kiss someone if they had bad breath, bad teeth or just general bad hygiene?” Most likely not.

  • So if you have bad breath, try mouthwash as well as brushing your teeth regularly. If it still doesn’t improve, then go see a dentist.
  • If you have discolored teeth, try a teeth-whitening product. If that still doesn’t work, then go to the dentist.
  • As for you your general hygiene, I hope this doesn’t have to be said, but make sure to shower, wear deodorant and wear clean clothes.

Once you have your hygiene taken care of, it’s important to make sure you have kissable lips.

That means no chapped or dry lips.

The simple solution: Lip Balm.

Pretty simple but most people don’t want to kiss dry and/or chapped lips.

Don’t forget to touch

This is a crucial piece of information when learning ways to kiss!

Kissing someone at the end of the date can be very awkward, especially if there has been no contact between you and your date.

Does this mean you should be groping your date throughout your interaction? Hell No! (Do not act or touch anyone inappropiately. Ever!)

Instead you should make sure to touch them on the arm at least a couple of times when talking throughout the date.

If she likes that then you can graduate to touching her more intimately, such as on the leg or even brushing a loose strand of hair from her face.

The key when learing how to kiss is to keep it gradual and natural.

If he/she is comfortable with you touching them, then kissing them will be a lot easier.

Try to kiss somewhere private (especially if it’s the first kiss)

When going for the first kiss, one or both of you may be nervous.

As a result, either you or your partner may not want other people to see you kissing.

This may be the case in a crowded bar or at a party.

The best thing to do in these situations is to go somewhere private.

All you need is a small excuse, like, “Let’s go somewhere a little more private”, and then you can both go to a quieter room.

This will ensure that you have the highest chance possible that your partner will reciprocate if you go in for a kiss.

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The Kiss

All the information above will help you be as prepared as possible before kissing someone.

Now comes the actual steps to kiss part.

As previously stated you need to have a physical dialogue (touching) in progress with the person before actually going to kiss them.

When you do and are ready to kiss them you need to do a few important things.

  • You need to slow down the pace of the interaction. So talk slower, move slower and get closer to the guy or girl you want to kiss.
  • As you are doing this, you need to make sure you are giving sustained eye contact.
  • While you are sustaining eye contact, you need to glance at their lips (this will show them your intentions).
  • If you are doing all this and the person you intend to kiss is not moving away, then you can move your head towards theirs and try to kiss their lips.

As you move your head towards theirs, three things can happen:

  1. They move towards you to kiss you.
  2. The stay still.
  3. They move away.

Reading this how to kiss article, it’s important to remember the most crucial thing is to respect other people and their bounaries.

If someone does not want to kiss you and they move away (as explained in #3), then do not force yourself on them (or anyone for that matter).

In case #1 and #2 they do want to kiss you.

So move your head towards theirs.

You may have to tilt/angle your head slightly so that your noses don’t prevent you from kissing each other’s lips.

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