Top 20 South African Record Labels Looking for Artists to Sign


South African Record Labels Looking for Artists to SignLooking for South African record labels looking for upcoming artists to sign?

The music sphere of South Africa is thriving and affecting the entire continent.

With so many artists on the rise and young ones still breeding in their shells, the need for record labels to contain these artists can’t be overemphasized.

This is why the intent of this piece is to provide you the reader with some of the vibrant record labels in South Africa that are scouting for young artists to breed.

And it doesn’t matter if the artists are already established, he can still join these labels to shine better.

As the artists spring up, they have the talent, the fuel, and the drive to achieve great heights but they lack one thing – the professional standards to model after and the professional platform to stand on.

So it doesn’t matter how great the talent of an artist is.

It doesn’t also matter how skilled in lyrics or how electrifying the voice is if there’s no platform to stand and let the world see him shine, he rises to nowhere.

Record labels play an important role in the music industry of any clime.

They help artists gain the necessary recognition and rise to the zenith of their careers.

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A record label helps in the promotion and marketing of an artist’s work.

They have links with prominent marketers and the connection with relevant brands to help an artist gain publicity.

Record labels are also involved in the scouting and breeding of talents.

If they aren’t scouting, they’re breeding the ones they’ve got already.

This helps an artist establish a firm standing in the industry.

Furthermore, record labels are involved in the copyrights of an artist.

South African Record Labels Looking for Artists to Sign
Photo Credit: AKA

Every intellectual property of an artist is protected by copyright law and that’s what labels can help with.

This ensures that the original work of artists is not duplicated and distributed or used without the express permission of the artist in question.

After spending a slew of hours investing in churning out great songs, it’s frustrating to see that the said work is being plagiarized.

So protection is paramount in music.

If you are a young South African act or you are based in South Africa as an artist and you are looking for a reputable South African record label as an umbrella to cover you in those ways listed up there, this list is for you.

Now the interesting side of this whole picture is that these record labels are also looking for you and your kind to enlist in their squad.

In the end, it’s a win-win situation for both parties.

You get the publicity, marketing, fame, grooming and every tool you need to succeed and the flag of the record label is raised high since it’s on their platform you rose.

So the search is ended because, here in this article, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of record labels in South Africa looking for artists to sign, groom and bring out the stars in them.

Here are the top South African record labels looking for artists to sign

  1. Ambitiouz Entertainment – Midrand
  2. Family Tree Records – Johannesburg
  3. Super Black Tapes – Johannesburg
  4. Gallo Records – Johannesburg
  5. SΓΌd Electronic – South Africa
  6. Lilac Jeans – Soweto / Johannesburg
  7. NON – Johannesburg / Cape Town
  8. Kalawa Jazmee – Johannesburg
  9. Siyakaka – Johannesburg
  10. Roy B. Records – New York
  11. Eric Frisch Productions – Johannesburg
  12. Super Beat – Johannesburg
  13. Universal Music Group – Johannesburg
  14. Tall Racks Records – Johannesburg
  15. Rhythm Records – Cape Town
  16. Teka Records – Johannesburg
  17. Emtee Records – Cape Town
  18. Mabala Noise Entertainment – Johannesburg
  19. Sony Music Entertainment South Africa – Johannesburg
  20. Fresh 2 Def Records – Johannesburg

What’s your thought on this South African Record Labels Looking for Upcoming Artists to Sign? Please kindly share your experience with us in the comments session.

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    Onthatile motshitshi

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    Jemilu Abubakar

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