Valentine Gift Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank


Valentine Gift Ideas That Won’t Break the BankValentine Gift Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank – The very long January is over and we are finally in the month of love! Valentine’s Day is less than two weeks and we are really excited.

Not only because it’s such a beautiful day but because it is a Thursday.

Yes, Valentine’s is a Thursday this year.

Just in case you’re having jitters, you don’t have to because I have put together very affordable yet creating valentine gift ideas that won’t hurt your wallet!

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For Her

Hot Dress

Just imagine getting her a really nice dress for a dinner later that evening and wrap it up with a bottle of with a bottle of wine and a tag that says “wear this.”

Then you take her to a nice place for dinner.

With less than N8,000 you can get really lovely dresses guaranteed to impress and flatter her figure.

Valentine doesn’t have to be so hard.


I really doubt any woman can have too many wristwatches because there are several designs and variations that are equally gorgeous so this is a very safe choice.

Just send this over with a cake and a thoughtful valentine’s card and you’re good to go!

Pair of Shoes

A girl’s real best friends are shoes!

They just can’t ever be enough.

Shoes will always be amazing gifts as long as you know her shoe size.


Bags add that final touch to a woman’s dressing.

Almost every girl I know always wants an extra bag to vary their looks.

Just be sure to buy a colour you have not already seen her with.

Neutral shades such as black, white, tan, nude and brown are always a winner.

You could also put a bottle of wine and a little love note inside the bag.


Whether it’s a wedding, a dinner, parties or evening outings, ladies always need purses.

They are classy and timeless.

They also make very cute gifts and above all, they are affordable.

You could get her a really nice purse embellished with stones or jewellery and a box of exotic chocolates with a romantic valentine’s card.

This certainly will nail it without drilling your wallet.


Perfumes are always a winner any day.

A bottle of perfume and a flowers or a cake will do just great.

You can get really good perfumes from N6000.

For Him

A pair of shoes

Brogues, Oxfords, Loafers, and all those other shoes men like will make great gifts this Valentine.

A pair of one of these and a heartfelt valentine’s card will certainly make his day.


Every man should have one or more wristwatches.

If he doesn’t have one or one you are crazy about, you could change it this Valentine.

You could add a set of cufflinks to this and you just got your man a memorable valentine’s gift.

Clipper Set

Personal clipper sets are a necessity for men.

Some guys might not have one because it never really occurs to them to get one.

Valentine is an opportunity to get your man a personal clipper set.

Guess what, you can get one from N5,000.

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Men’s bag

If he has a laptop or in into bags, a satchel bag will make a great gift idea.

Replace whatever he uses with a quality leather fashionable bag.

There are several options to pick from.

This gift idea is a personal favourite for me.


More guys are beginning to adopt the use of headphones not just the techies.

Your man will appreciate one if he does not have one already.

Get one for him this Valentine.

PS Games

We know how attached men are to video games.

If he loves video games, getting him a game he does not already have will be a great idea.

You could try PES 19 or FIFA 19 if he loves soccer.

Coloured Socks Set, Belt and Wallet

Coloured socks are trendy while belts and wallets are very functional.

These there will make a great Valentine’s Day gift set and won’t drain your wallet.

With these affordable gift ideas, you have no reason not put a smile on the face of that person you love this Valentine.

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