How To Get a Guy or Get a Girl To Notice You While You Walk By!


Here’s some tips on how to get a guy or get a girl to notice you while you walk by! Women and men can both turn heads if they do the right things while they walk by.

It’s all about your body language and how you use it! Be aware of what your body is saying and you will definitely make other people aware of you!

How To Get a Guy or Get a Girl To Notice You While You Walk By
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But First Here are a Few No-No’s For Both Gender

Smoking – You may think you look super hot when you have cigarette hanging out of your mouth or you are blowing smoke from the side of your lips, but honestly you just look like a person blowing smoke out of their mouth.

That’s it. No more and no less. And most people who are non-smokers will find it kind of disgusting anywase.

So don’t use the super cool smoking technique to get someone’s attention.

Talking or Singing To Yourself – I saw a woman doing this today;  a seemingly normal woman.

She was singing like she was bringing down the house while she walked and she looked at everyone she passed as if they thought she was the bomb.

It was ridiculous. And yes she did get a lot of looks but for all the wrong reasons.

She was pretty much a joke and annoying considering we were in the library!

Don’t talk to yourself because you may give off the impression of mental problems or at least some serious problems that you haven’t deal with.

Ridiculous Clothing – I personally believe that people who wear crazy outfits have not found themselves yet.

Even though they are trying to portray a unique individual, they are pretty much portraying a person who needs attention.

It’s sad and not attractive in the least. So be unique but stop wearing the ‘cat in the hat ‘ hat or the cloak that is supposed to look gothic or scary.

Thinking About Your Walking While You Are Walking – Have you ever noticed that if you think someone is watching you while you walk you can become stiff, awkward, and nervous? Well it’s not only you that feels that way but it’s also the way that you come across to other people.

It screams low self-confidence and that is not s*xy.

Here are a Few ‘Do This!’ Tips For The Ladies

Move That Body God Gave You! – We walk feminine for a reason! We are different than men in the way we move because of our hips and boobs. You are a woman and you should walk like a woman to get guys attention.

Swing your hips, stick your chest out, and keep your head up. You will grab tons of male attention just for this alone.

And let me tell you that many women can get away with a little extra hip swinging when they are trying to impress a guy.

It looks natural on a woman to do so and not as though you are trying too hard.

Keep Your Walk Feminine – Sometimes you may be in a hurry to get to where you are going but you can still walk with a feminine tone to you.

Stomping your feet and taking large strides while your shoulders hump back and forth is not very feminine and will most likely not get the required stares you want to get.

Let your hair down – While we tend to put our hair up and back during work…and most other activities, if you can swing having your hair down on your walk then do it.

Long flowing hair is a sign of a feminine woman and guys love it.

It will get their attention as soon as they see the flowing mane bouncing past them.

Here are a Few ‘Do This!’ Tips For The Guys

Head up and Chest Out – This will give woman a sign up confidence from you and they will smell it from a mile away!

Heavy Manly Walk is Okay – The longer strides with the shoulders rocking back and forth only accentuates that you are a manly man.

Just like woman’s hips scream feminine, a man’s shoulders scream masculine. Just don’t go overboard or you will cross the line to creepy, scary guy!

Swing Your Arms – While you want to appear manly when you walk you don’t want to appear stiff as that can make you look arrogant or like a jerk with something up his ass.

So since you don’t want to swing your hips – swing your arms.

This will give you a look of ease and contentment and have woman seeing you as a guy that may be some fun.

A Good Tip For Both Gender

Stop and Bend Over – This works for both men and women and will get the opposite gender attention quickly.

Slowly bend over to pick something up, tie your shoe, or look at something on the ground – the opposite s*x will always look at your ass and then follow with the rest of you after that. Guaranteed.

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