Toke Makinwa Acquires Mansion In Banana Island Worth N260M


Toke Makinwa Acquires Mansion In Banana Island Worth N260M – According to reports, media personality, Toke Makinwa has bought a house close to Linda Ikeji’s house on Banana Island.

The mansion is said to be worth N260 million and she wants the documentation to come in before she announces it.

According to  SDK rumors:

“[i]This is inside the world of a Nollywood script…I mean imagine you are reading a script that a movie producer just finished writing…lol”

“Insiders are whispering that after all the touch up to her body parts in Miami, that notoriously popular babe has bought a house that is befitting of her current status….”

“The house is located on that island named after a yellow fruit and the house is located near the residence of someone who has a platform for news.”

“The mansion is reportedly worth about N260million and the lawyer is still preparing the documents but payment has been made and you can take this info to the Bank…”

“The social media beauty does not ‘send’ anyone and has learned to manage Internet trolls and hater comments.”

”I don’t know how she will do it but once the documentation is through, I am sure she will look for a way to announce her blessing, the way they all do in the entertainment industry.”

“The Beauty I am referring to? Recently bashed for uplifting her boobs, hips, back yansh and tummy..If you do not understand English very well, you can arrive at her name like this…Take ↠ Taking ↠ Tooked ↠ Toke”

“The Olofofo whisper that the house is FULLY paid for………….”

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