6 Signs She Doesn’t Love You


Regardless of how hard you attempt, if a girl doesn’t love you then simply surrender – you don’t need to make a decent attempt to impress her since you will wind up hurting yourself.

It is easy for a girl to say she love you even when she feels nothing for you, trust me when I say girls are pretentious they give you the picture you want to see which is why most good guys end up with the bad girls because they want to be in a relationship by all means.

If you have to struggle to even get a kiss from your girl, then you need to pull out. Common mistakes men make is to think they can easily possess a lady, it is easy for you to get her attention maybe when you spoil her with material things but it is also difficult to get love in return because women are selfish when it comes to sharing.

Although I won’t dispute the fact that most women too are loosed but when it comes to matter of the heart they are always protective. if you are in a relationship and you are yet to taste love or you love but you don’t get love in return and you are wondering if you are not doing something right, then allow me point out few signs you might have missed out.

Finally, if you are still love with her regardless of how she treats you, then make sure after reading this , do well to ask her what she wants in the relationship, get to hear her own story before calling all women same…most times our reactions are based on past relationships, so in order not to be victims, we try not to repeat same  mistakes.
Find out why she has been so cold, why she shut her heart to love and get to know the reasons why she doesn’t love you.

Here are signs your woman is losing interest.

  1. She is Not Supportive: Any woman that claims to love you won’t relent when it comes to supporting you, in fact she knows this is her role as your girlfriend/wife. she derives joy each time she supports but when this is missing in your relationship, then it is no secret that she doesn’t love you. if you have to remind her how much support you need then she is just occupying the role of a girlfriend/wife.
  2. She Talks More and Act Less: If she loves you, she will choose to act more and talk less but when it is other wise, it becomes a problem. when she talks more it simply means she nags alot, she tries to find a way to bring up a fight for no reason, she tells you what you want to hear but acts differently. she is the definition of the more you look the less you see and there is a saying, action speaks louder than words, so when she talks more and act less, you already know what’s next.
  3. She Gives Countless Excuses: When you are in love, there are no boundaries but when you see the boundaries and get use to it, it robs you of your happiness. there is no limit in showing love, love has its own language and only two hearts in love understands but when you have to force your way in, it becomes useless. if you have to beg to see her when you miss her and she gives you flimsy excuses,then you are with the wrong girl.. any girl that loves you won’t use excuse as a barrier, she will make out time to see you no matter how busy she is, same is applicable to a guy in love.
  4. She Gives You Less Attention: They say women that demand for attention are attention seekers which is wrong, it is not one-sided, we all deserve attention from whomever we love and if it is not there, then the relationship is pointless. you don’t have to beg to get attention –  it is your right in the relationship, if she loves you, you will be the only person she gives attention to, though I am also guilty of paying attention to my phone but that doesn’t mean I don’t pay attention to my partner when necessary. if she pays attention to something or someone else, then she doesn’t love you.
  5. She Gets Angry For No Reason: She gets angry often for no reason, she always wants you to be at fault even when she is wrong, she gets angry in order to find reason to leave your presence or make you feel bad. A woman in love will hold back her anger until she puts everything in order even if it means apologizing when she is not at fault, but when she finds fault in everything you do, she start up a fight, she nags, gets angry for no reason, then it is beyond anger problem, its a sure sign she doesn’t love you.
  6. She Never Call: I know few people find it difficult to keep in touch, I am also guilty of such act which I am not proud of but trust me it doesn’t affect my relationship for any reason. if she loves you, your number will be on speed dial but when you are the least person that comes to her mind, she won’t even save your number, or maybe she did, it will be at the bottom list. there are countless ways to show love, a man knows when he’s being loved by a woman, she calls you for no reason, she always has something to say, she always wants to hear your voice, she checks on you more than you do, she message you none stop but when the love is not there, these will be missing.

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