Music: Evans Ogboi – Anumneka Jesus (I’M IN JESUS’ HANDS)


Evans Ogboi - Anumneka Jesus (Available Now)“Anumneka Jesus” was first discharged in Lagos Nigeria, In 2007 on Evans Ogboi’s Debut collection titled “Wonder”. The melody by God’s elegance, circumvented the nation and later spread the world over.

Almost certainly, the melody “Anumneka Jesus” was motivated by the Holy Spirit. Evans shared how he got the whole melody plan and generation thoughts.

The entire generation procedure was easy as Evans self delivered this melody. Evans Ogboi associated profoundly with this tune in a unique manner as it’s message was clear and direct.

In October 2007, only half a month prior to the discharge, Evans’ Dad passed on to brilliance. Late, Lawrence Emina Ogboi was obviously one of Evans’ solid impacts… in this way the first into “There’s a little straightforward melody that me and my Daddy use to sing and it goes like this”…

The verses at that point appeared well and good as it was clearly a message from above. Evans and his whole family clutched God’s perpetual hands through this extremely attempting season and He oversaw them.

Evans Ogboi moved to the UK in 2011 and has kept the melody on the entirety of his collection discharges.

This variant was recorded live at Evans’ first since forever Live collection recording show in the UK.

ANUMNEKA JESUS basically signifies “I’m In Jesus’ hands”. It is the fourth of 15 tunes to be discharged on Evans Ogboi’s prospective Koinonia Album Project, recorded Live at the famous City Gates church in London UK.

Anumneka Jesus was composed and created by Evans Ogboi for the recognition and respect of the risen King JESUS.

Evans’ genuine want is to see the countries love and applause JESUS CHRIST.


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