Here’s 5 Things To Avoid After Proposal


Proposal basically implies an offer of marriage, it is not an offer to get rowdy or lose it.
The good-news is you just got proposed to but then what next?? what are the steps you need to take to prevent not getting married by your spouse.he proposed because his intentions are pure, he is indirectly saying he is tired of being in the dark, he doesn’t want his relationship with you to be a secret, he wants everyone to know you got his heart and he is willing to share his sadness, happiness with you.

This is not the time to start acting up, he is not married to yet,so playing the wifey game isn’t necessary and another mistake ladies make is hold back after proposal, he only proposed to you, it doesn’t mean you should shut the door to love, it is not the time to distance yourself from friends and family, because he proposed to you doesn’t mean he won’t quit the moment you misbehave.

Another reason he’s prone to quit after proposal might be due to insecurity. you should be able to know your place either as a girlfriend, side chick or wife …after proposal, don’t play the role of a mother, play your role, of course that was why he proposed because he saw the qualities of a wife in you but when you play the role of a mom instead of a wife, you are indirectly telling him he made the wrong choice.

Other reasons why he might never married to you is because you’ve crossed your boundaries…Don’t do this after proposal:

  1. Make Decisions For Him: Men hate it when you make decisions for them, they feel you want to take charge over them and because they are used to being the head and not the tail, they expect you to abide by their rules and not the other way round, of course that is why they make the first move. Don’t tell them what to do and what not to do, they expect you to do the listening while they do the talking and they hate it when you try to put them under you, same is applicable after proposal, don’t be the man. they detest bossy ladies, they see them as threat,so in order for them not to go through that, they pull you out immediately.
  2. Move In Before Marriage: Moving into his house when you are not fully married is not a guarantee that he will marry you, it won’t change a thing if he decides not to proceed. when you move into his house you are indirectly telling him he is your last hope and men know how to deal with such women, so in order not to fall victim, avoid sleeping over or moving into his house. it is okay to visit but don’t drop a reminder, most ladies make that mistake of dropping their undies, toot brush,clothes to remind him she is still in the picture, that doesn’t mean he wont cheat if he wants to, so get rid of such thoughts from your head and avoid being a victim.
  3. Ask People About Your Partner: The wrong way of getting a question answered is by asking people. Don’t just jump into marriage because all your friends are married and you end up not knowing a thing about your partner. you should create that platform before you say YES and if you still don’t know much about your partner, then ask directly rather then getting answers from the wrong people. Don’t jump around asking questions about your spouse, ask them to avoid getting stuck.
  4. Talk About Your Partner: Relationships aren’t as sweet as it seem, there are ups and downs which is why it is never advisable to bad mouth your partner in public especially when you both are going through relationship trauma,it is not the time to share it on social media, or tell all your friends about it, it is the time to work things out, the moment you let it out, he will back out immediately because no man wants to get married to a loud woman.
  5. Less Friends: He proposed to  you and he can still fink out when he notice any slight change but for that not to happen, you should learn to create a small cycle of friends…don’t let out much and don’t take in much either. The less friends you’ve got, the lesser problem you get.

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