Sholaye Jeremi, Delta State Oil Magnet rumoured to be the man who got Linda Ikeji pregnant (Details)


A member of a popular online forum has disclosed whom he believes got Linda Ikeji pregnant.

Going by his claim which he says is very genuine, the man who got the celebrity blogger pregnant is Sholaye Jeremi, a close friend of the Minister of State for Petroleum, Ibe Kachikwu.

The person shared the information with pictures, the poster who has now deleted his account on the forum wrote:

”Linda Ikeji is pregnant for Sholaye Jeremi, a close associate to Minister of State for Petroleum, Ibe Kachikwu. He is from Sapele, Delta state. 100% confirmed. The funny thing is there was no engagement as Shola will not settle down although he is 40 plus. Jeremi also stays in Ikoyi. Very credible, although Linda is trying to manage the situation but this information is 100 percent credible. You can do your findings as well, but thats the guy.”

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    pls point of correction sholaye is not into any oil bizness. he is just a friend to them Femi nd co. he actually was an enrrand guy to james ibori whom he met tru terry wayas bck in london in 2007. when james went to jail , he returned to nigeria nd started moving with timi alaibe, musa danjuma nd femi. he hooks them up with babes(pimp). as at 2016 he was dating an older woman who sell clarins product nd lived with her at her apartment in VI. i knw him welll o. he is not in2 any oil bizness oo. na boy boy oo for yhem guys. always famzing with them md giving them babes espcially musa nd timi. linda shame don catch u. no wonder u dnt to say his name or bring him out becos u knw say people go laugh u. hope u knw he had a daughter in d US?? madam holy holy. u fall hand ooo. sholaye no go marry o, hes not that type to setlle with a woman. he has bn too close with these guys for a ling time nd lifestyle will not let him setlle. kai, babe u disappiont. na wetin desperation do u be this??

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      Who ever u bi, u should be careful wit wat u say or do. Say only wat u knw if u most talk
      so dat u don’t end up laying curses on ur self

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      I swear!!!
      Linda Ikeji is a shameless human being!!! After all the mouth wey she make… Sey she Wan marry Tyler Perry, she must marry man that is Richer than her… It’s that male house boy that bangs older women that she saw…. Don jazzy is even Richer than the goat of a man… I now hate Linda the more..

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