How to Tell a Girl You Like Her (MUST READ)


How to Tell a Girl You Like HerHow to Tell a Girl You Like Her (MUST READ) – Stop! You need to know how to tell a girl you like her the RIGHT way otherwise you are going to mess up any chance of hooking up or forming a relationship with her.

Firstly ask yourself, “Does this girl like me?” If the answer is no, then chances are telling the girl that you like her will not make her attracted to you.

This is really important to understand.

There are tons of movies and TV shows where a guy (usually a nerd) is crazy in love with a girl, he tells her how he feels and then she magically falls in love with him.

Unfortunately these are TV shows and movies.

They are not reality.

Telling a girl that you like her does not make her attracted to you.

So before you tell a girl that you like her, you need to figure out if she’s attracted to you.

You can do this by assessing a few critical factors: Does she spend a lot of time with you (that she chooses), is she always looking at you, does she touch you a lot, does she laugh at all your jokes, does she comment a lot on your Facebook/Instagram page and does she talk to other people about you?

If she does these things then you can be sure that she does like you.

Keep reading to find out how to tell a girl you like her.

If she likes you

Now that you know she likes you, it’s time to tell her…..or is it?

Telling a girl that you like her is perfectly fine, but it does have one drawback… destroys sexual tension.

If you both like each other, you do not necessarily need to tell her explicitly.

This way she will be kept in a state of constantly wondering how much you like her.

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You can always show her how much you like her by doing nice things for her, but telling her how you feel will kill the sexual tension between the both of you (sexual tension is very attractive to girls).

But if you absolutely have to tell her, keep reading….

Telling her how you feel

If you’ve reached the stage where you just have to tell her how you feel, then it’s best to do so in private, in a place where you won’t be disturbed.

When you tell her make sure that neither of you are giddy or in a joking mood.

Try to speak slowly and sensually.

All you have to say is, “Joan (or whatever her name is), I have something I just have to tell you.

I really like you.

I just can’t live without you knowing how I feel about you”.

It’s vitally important to tell her this without expecting a reaction from her.

You need to tell her how you feel in a way that you really mean it, but if she doesn’t feel the same way it’s important that you don’t appear needy or upset.

If you put across a needy vibe, she will sense it and most likely lose attraction for you.

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