Developing Skills: The Key to Empowerment


Developing Skills: The Key to EmpowermentDeveloping Skills: The Key to Empowerment – Life is an institution in itself or we can say every moment in life is a learning moment. We are always acquiring knowledge and new experiences.

We start learning the moment we take birth and till our last moment we are gaining practical experience which never comes to an end.

We finish our high school, and we become graduates but the wheel of knowledge continues.

Knowledge we gain from books while studying, and knowledge we gain with practical experience of our lives helps us in developing a set of skills.

How to be a good entrepreneur?

How to be successful in our respective field?

Is the general question every nascent entrepreneur is asking himself.

The goal of every human on this planet is to be successful in what they are doing.

Sometimes people are not educated but have great skills, like in craft or any other vocation which makes them successful.

Such people put their whole heart in their work.

Make work your prayer, and not machine

Before partition masses were not educated in India, but they had tremendous skills which made them successful entrepreneurs.

If we really look in the past, most of the big industrial houses were started before partition and they shaped the foundation of India and it goes for the success of Indian economy which is not hidden from anybody in this world.

Same is the case of Europe and America.

Today America has set its own example in all the fields.

Entrepreneurs and their skills shape the economy of the country.

Countries that have industries and their own manufacturing have strong foundation.

Goods which are manufactured inside a country are much cheaper and affordable when compared to those that are imported.

The cost goes up many folds on the imported goods.

Who makes this possible?

We can say entrepreneurs with their skills and their creativity becomes the backbone of the economy.

Ideal jobs are fast disappearing.

Sometimes you have a job, but you are just working like a machine, without any emotions or interest. It is very important to enjoy what you are doing.

People who start their own enterprise, will love each moment and enjoy it.

To become successful, risk is to be taken.

Regular jobs become monotonous where as in the life of an entrepreneur each second becomes a challenge.

Failures are part of the package.

Each failure leaves you with more experience and makes you wise.

The path to success is to believe in yourself and overcome your failure.

Lot of stress, patience and tolerance is required to face challenges.

Success never comes in a platter; one has to work hard to have it.

Never let SUCCESS get to your head, never let FAILURE get to your heart

Inspiration is good but how much we learn from our inspiration and put them into practice is important.

We attend many workshops and seminars, but most of the times, the moment you step out of the seminar everything disappears into thin air.

Very few entrepreneurs carry them home and start implementing everything they have learnt.

You won’t become successful unless you encounter failure.

Entrepreneurs who have become successful have always used their minimum resources to the maximum extent.

If the money is limited and the creativity is there, you will find the way to generate the money and the resources.

Your circle also plays a vital role.

Very few of your near ones will encourage you, majority will push you backwards but then you will have to stand strong and make a statement about yourself.

People who have reached at the peak of their success have faced many hurdles.

Entrepreneurs should have a circle which can guide them in a positive way to face the challenges and be there at crucial times.

To achieve great success, big risk is involved.

Be open to all the criticism and suggestion, and work on all those aspects.

Success is not achieved in a day.

It takes years of hard work to meet your target.

It is a difficult journey to make something great out of nothing.

The joy and satisfaction that you get after reaching your target is beyond words, one can only feel it.

Don’t let your failures pull you down, keep moving with faith in yourself.

All the famous personalities had overcome various hurdles and failures.

Hard work done in a sincere manner is not less than any prayers and the prayers are always answered in the end, but the condition is to do it in a sincere manner.


In the beginning of the last century very few people had the opportunity to get the education.

Only from the upper and higher class were born lucky.

By the end of the century things changed for better and parents who were not educated themselves really toiled hard to provide their children with education and all other requisite facilities.

Today we have a generation that is successful and is vastly educated.

People have confidence and this has given them the determination to progress in their lives and have great experience.

There is only one thing painful than learning from experience and that it is not learning from experience – Archibald MacLeish

As an entrepreneur one comes across many difficulties.

To deal with other entrepreneurs and to have a good relationship with everyone in business, it is necessary to be patient and well-educated, if you have all the knowledge then you will keep calm and mend everything accordingly.

Every coin has two sides and in business to have a good relationship is always important, but rivalry at times brings the best in you.

It brings competition and to have competition is a healthy sign, it is the sign of progress.

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