Skip The Stairs – 7 Principles For Seizing Breakthrough Opportunities



Knowledge is good but you need to move from just knowledge to mastering your genius domain. You’ll need wisdom to connect your skill to an existing window of opportunity.

Imagine how David killed Goliath? During the days of David, being able to handle a ‘sling’ isn’t a new thing. In fact, they had men who could this in a remarkable fashion.

However, David separated himself from the pack. He mastered his genius domain by practicing in the wilderness and even built track-record for himself with obvious portfolios.

While you’re waiting for that big opportunity, how are you mastering your genius domain? How’re you gaining the right wisdom in your industry? In 2020, master your genius domain.


Pay attention to things that rile you up. David wasn’t the only one who knew Goliath can die but he was the angriest about the situation.

You need to pay attention to the things that annoy you. Those things could be the things your Creator has mandated you to solve.

Take what rouse you up as feedback of what your purpose on earth is. Don’t take it for granted. Others can run-away from the problem but not you.


When you’ve prepared for your big break, stay ready and be courageous enough to fight. When the whistle is blown, MOVE! Don’t stall for any reason. Move with boldness.

When your Goliath (opportunity) is around, that is not the time to look for courage. Be ready before the opportunity comes. Move and take action.

Sometimes, your greatest opposition can be from your friends and family – just like Eliab the elder brother of David was his greatest critic on the battlefield. (See 1 Samuel 17:28-30)

All you need do is love them (your family) but don’t forget that life will not empathize with you for leaving your dream because you were criticized. Move with courage all the same!


To climb the ladder from ground up, you will have to learn to be discreet. Don’t make noise unnecessarily about your success moves. You cannot afford to live the crab lifestyle.

Crab mentality, also known as crabs in a bucket (also barrel, basket, or pot) mentality, is a way of thinking best described by the phrase “if I can’t have it, neither can you”.

The metaphor is derived from a pattern of behavior noted in crabs when they are trapped in a bucket. No crab in the bucket will be happy seeing another crab planning his exit moves.

To this regard, keep your mind and mouth to yourself. Don’t be so under-accomplished that you seek the validation of everyone before you know you’re doing something valuable with your life.

Learn to be discreet. Climbing up the ladder and leaving the 99% will be a ‘hard thing’ if you don’t learn to be discreet. The world isn’t fair. Be discreet and wise about your success moves!


Know this: don’t celebrate false humility. Don’t feel shy talking about your wins. David didn’t leave the head of Goliath when he killed Him. (See 1 Samuel 17:51)

He killed the giant (Goliath) and brought his head (a proof of a job WELL DONE) to Jerusalem so that he could take ownership and credits for his victories.

David held the Philistines’ head (Goliath) even in front of Saul – the current king in David’s days so the scoffers will not deny his expertise. Like David, take credit for your victories.

Boast about your accomplishments in a healthy way. Don’t be shy talking about your wins. List out all your achievements and have them ready for when your big break comes.


David left Bethlehem (the land of lack, dryness, and toiling) immediately he killed Goliath and got his promotion. David understood the power of the right environment and moved to the palace.

Palace is the place where the thing was happening. He understood the positive impact of the environment and he moved. The need for changing your environment is essential.

Make your exit plan and get away from places where nothing is happening. You cannot afford to short-circuit your destiny. Some things don’t happen until you’re in the right environment.

Don’t be sentimental about toxic destiny-killing environments. Get up and move. Make plans and make the move out of such an environment.


You need the wisdom to thrive and preserve your destiny. It’s not everyone and everything you fight. You can pretend to be a fool but it doesn’t mean you’re foolish. Play the game with wisdom.

There is a popular Igbo and Yoruba proverb that says: “A child who is not matured asking for who killed his father will soon be killed by what killed his father.”

Calm down. Chill. Invest more time in your growth. Know when to fight and when to play like a fool. Let wisdom save you and distinguish you.

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