What To Do When A Client Says, “I’ll Get Back To You”


One thing you must know is that prospects lie. They lie because they’re seeking easier and convenient ways to spend their money and they’ll lie to achieve that, they’ll need time to think about it and seek other easier and cheaper options perceived to be “better”.

Never give them that space. In marketing, delay kills sales.

A sale guru once said “Follow up your clients till they say YES.” Another says”follow up your prospects till you read their obituary.”( Not in the literal term though). Remember Acrimony and how Robert kept applying for his project approval. How long did he prospect that only firm? A good time… Now, scratch that!

Whatever the case is, keep it moderate but effective. You’d agree with me that excessive followup easily breeds into more objections and nuisance ( you don’t want any of these) Study your prospects and followup accordingly. There’s no all size fits all strategy.

When next a prospect says “You know what, let me think about it or I’ll get back to you.” Here’s what you do:
Be vigorously transparent.

Tell your clients that 90% of prospect who say this actually do not “get back”

“Mr. XYZ, What would it take for us to do business today?

Many times clients say this, they never do. So, tell me what problem do you have with my offer?

Is it the quantity, quality or cost?

If it’s quantity, we can give you xyz now and xxyz on your next order. Money?

We can create a better payment plan to favor your upfront and completion or a xyz payment now and xyyz on your next order.


We can spike it here and reduce the quantity to favor your value taste.

What exactly are your reservations?

Whatever it maybe, remember delay kills sales.

When you open the question on what objections they have on proposal, it gives you an open-ground to know where your marketing hitch lies and fix them respectively for this prospect and others (feedbacks/ reviews help you better your marketing approach.)

Also, be careful not to ask the wrong questions.

There’re a lot of unnecessary questions that kills sale.

I’ll visit them in subsequent posts.

But here’s one.

Never say “Can I have a minute?”

There you lie cause you’d actually exhaust a minute and thereby prick your trust guage.

Rather say “Is this the right time to talk?” When you sense a negative closure, don’t be too quick to back out.

Be confident say”Mr. X, I’ll be calling you tomorrow by 10AM to follow up on this.

Thank you so much for your time.”

It puts them in a quick-fix to close in with you by letting them know you’ll not give up on the subject.

Now, it’s important to note that when a few clients says “I’ll get back to you” They might actually mean it but you can never be too sure.

Simply ask them “Mr. X, when would you want me call you to followup on this?” This is when you feel a positive vibe oozing from the stem of negotiations.

Avoids questions that make you seem weak in closing in on your deals.

As a marketer, own the conversation, be in control of the negotiation, ask the right questions by having the right conversations.

Closing on a sale or proposal at that instance saves you from chasing and unending follow-ups.

Seal the deal at that first opportunity and create quality time for other clients

“Mr. Prospect, I want to do business with you today. Let’s handle your project zero risk and we offer refunds on dissatisfaction. You’re not sure to get this deal else where.”

Whatever you say should be true with true essence.

Most times clients are not trying to spend less but to make sure they get value for their money.

Give the best offers.

Be confident in your art and sell.

Selling is an art factored with unique ways of selling to variegated prospects.

Don’t be quick to give up.

Be quick to resent objections.
I wish you success!

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Written by Richard Billions

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