Starting a Business VII – Akan Imoh


Yea. So, let’s go straight to today’s topic. Let’s talk about Branding and Marketing. I’m slanting my teaching towards aggressive and geurrila tactics which should be used by small businesses with little budget.

As a small startup, you don’t have money to spend on branding and marketing like your bigger competitors. So, you have to be be aggressive and shameless. Any trick in the book and not in the book should be used by you. This is what guerilla marketing is.

So. Firstly, start with a great business name. Some of you don’t even think of branding when picking your business name. We are no longer in the days of ‘Chukwuemeka and Sons’. Get a name that will make people ask you a second question. Get a n that will stay in the minds of people. You are seeking attention. Your goal is that people don’t forget you after they hear of you.

Go beyond English words. Use French, German, Spanish words. Don’t be scared to even coin out a new word. I launched a new startup recently and named it ‘Queprilla’. And yea, its a word I coined. I have always loved the word – Guerilla, and I wanted my brand to start with a letter Q. So, boom, I discovered a new word.

The beauty of using a new word or coining your word is that you’ll have available social media platforms. My brother, the hustle to get uniformed social media handles for your brand is huge. I was able to secure ‘Queprilla’ on major platforms.

That brings me to my second strategy.
Make crazy use of Social Media. I mean, very very crazy use of it. For me, I’ll advise you start with the top seven. They are:

Google Plus

Secure accounts on these and use them like your life depends on it. There’s a strategy to using social media. And there’s a strategy to using it for a small scale business just starting up. We would talk about that tomorrow by 10am.

Love you!

Have you heard about the Lagos Facebook Hangout? Its a massive idea. The first edition held last year. Great success. This year, we’re doing it again. Don’t miss it.

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