Singer Cynthia Morgan Reportedly Broke Owes Rent & Tax



 Singer Cynthia Morgan Reportedly Broke Owes Rent & Tax

Nigerian dancehall singer Cynthia Morgan hit with financial crisis.

Cynthia Morgan has been away from the music scene for sometime and fresh news is that the singer is neck deep in debt.

According to Saturday Beats, Cynthia Morgan is late on payment of her house rent and also defaulting on her tax returns. The “German Juice” crooner has obviously been off the grid and little has been known about her whereabouts. In a new scoop, it is revealed that the singer is going through some financial strain.

As obtained by Saturday Beats, Cynthia Morgan was served court papers owing rent for her apartment in Omole and for defaulting on payment of her taxes by the FIRS by an Ikeja High Court.

It was found that she owed up to N5 million in both rent and taxes.

“The court papers have been submitted to Cynthia Morgan’s apartment already and she has been served a court date. She owes N1.3m. According to her elder brother, she is in the house. She was also served court papers for not paying up to N3.584m in tax. It was the agent that sued her on behalf of his client. He is a very popular real estate agent; he is like a celebrity estate agent. He’s the one that gets apartments for most of them,” the source said.

Maze a representative of the singer when contacted denied the news saying;

“I do not know of anything like that and I would say that it is a lie. I do not know about any court papers, so I would say that it is a lie. To the best of my knowledge, I am not aware that she owes her landlord any money. I believe that if they claim she smokes, entertains strange guests and leaves the gate open at odd hours, they should have proof. In my book, none of this statement is factual. I don’t know about these details and I would say that it is a lie.”


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