Madonna Net Worth in Dollars (2019)


Here’s Madonna Net Worth in Dollars (2019) – Acclaimed queen of pop and once Forbes richest female celebrity, Madonna Louise Ciccone is an American singer, songwriter, actress and businesswoman.

Madonna Net Worth
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Born in 1958, in Michigan, United States, she is perhaps one of the female oldies still electrifying her fan base with magnifying singles and albums.

She’s been active in the music industry from way back in  1977 totalling  3 whooping decades of consistency in music after dropping out of college to embrace her zest while adding New York to the warm hugs of a  new career.

Asides from earning herself the fame and the name she’s got the gains of the tremendous investment in her line of duty.

An astute businesswoman and marathon investor, she is a proud owner of a myriad of ventures cutting across fitness, clothings, perfumes, accessories et al.

Her prime sources of wealth can be traced to the following;

World Tours

From her reinvention world tour in mid 2004  across the U.S, Canada and Europe which raked in excess of $120 million grossing as the highest in the year, she has gone on other phenomenal world tours across time zones, amassing a fortune on their successes.

She was announced the third top touring artist of the decade in the 2000s gathering a fortune of $801 million.

She still maintains the spot as the highest grossing touring solo artists of all time with $1.4 billion earned so far and good.

Album Sales

Her much anticipated albums usually garners megabucks from record massive sales.

Highly unprecedented and jaw dropping sales makes the singer revel in multiples of 6 digits.

She’s the best selling artist of the 2000s decade.

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She’s sold over 300 million records worldwide, a feat that got her in the Guiness Book of Record archives as the best-selling female recording artist.

Material Girl

This brand to some extent became her unofficial moniker.

Material girl is Madonna’s clothing line, with her daughter Lourdes in the mix.

A famous clothing line under Macy’s label is a boost for the already fat purse of the Michigan born singer.

Madonna Net Worth 2018

Other Sources

Having been described by Professor Colin Barrow from Cranfield School of Management as “America’s smartest businesswoman” and the London Business School as a dynamic entrepreneur worth emuating, the tentacles of her investments touched the fitness industry in the name of Hard Candy fitness center with outlets around the world and then the Truth and Dare fashion brand which includes perfumes, clothings, footwears and accessories is an offshoot of her entrepreneurial prodigy.

According to Forbes, she’s the 2017 richest female musician in America and one of America’s self made women with a net worth valued at $520 million.

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