Get Over A Break Up By 6 Easy Steps


Get Over A Break Up By 6 Easy StepsWhen your relationship comes to the end it’s really suffering and depressed. Many people start to leave themselves outside of the world and lock them in the depression.

Get over a break up and move on is the only right attitude but many people don’t see it because they are hurt so much.

There are actually few steps you can take to get over a break up.

These steps are easy to follow but it’s just the matter of taking the action.

Step 1: Accept the truth

When your relationship is broken down and it is really broken down you should accept it.

Remain the same life and thinking your Ex will come back few weeks later is not realistic.

This is what a lot of couples do when they break up. It is hard to accept it, but you have to do it in order to move on.

Step 2: Write a long letter to him

Start writing a very long letter to him.

Write down your true feeling and why you love him.

Call their name in the letter.

Don’t worry about what you write in the letter because no one is ever going to see your letter.

“So, what do I do after I write the letter?”

You don’t need to go to the post office, you don’t need to send to him by e-mail and you don’t need to ask someone to deliver it to him.

The only thing you need to do is to light the letter with the candle flame.

As the letter is burned it will reinforce in your mind that your relationship is end.

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Step 3: Sort out everything between both of you

Do not keep his stuff in your place.

Arrange a time that both of your bring each other’s stuff and exchange them back.

If he doesn’t want then box them up and throw them away of store in some place where you will not see them.

If there is any financial issues between you then sort them out.

Like if you owe him money, try to pay off from your fund or have another loan.

If you two have some kind of shared bank account you need to arrange a time to go to the bank and work out the separation and close the bank account.

Make sure to clear out everything from him.

Keep the mobile phone he gives you will remind you the sad experience when you use it every time.

Step 4: Find excuse to relax

After the previous steps you need to normalize your life when you get over a break up.

Find any excuses to relax.

Watch some funny and silly TV shows, Reading books.

Do whatever make you both feel and look good.

Go to the gym take some meditations.

Step 5: Hang out with friends

To normalize your life you also need to have your own network and friends.

Hang out with your friends to bars, parties or any sport events.

Don’t let yourself spend too much time alone at home.

Step 6: Refer to a doctor if you’re really suffering

After you’ve done everything you’re still suffering and can’t get over a break up, don’t hesitate to go to a doctor or professional relationship coach.

They can help you to analyze your circumstances and to give a better idea about how to get over a break up.

When your relationship comes to the end, try to calm down and don’t panic or feel overwhelmed.

Face the truth with the right attitude and get over a break up with these easy followed steps.

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    so good thanks for the encouragement
    i just broke-up with my boyfriend this and am at now
    not feeling fine full of sad
    don’t know what to do

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