Amazing Business Lessons from Mayweather vs McGregor’s Fight


Mayweather vs McGregor – MCGREGOR WON THE MATCH: 49 – 1. There are so many business lessons in this fight that aspiring and young entrepreneurs can glean from.

McGregorBut that’s by the way.

Some of my friends are now running their mouths.

I didn’t watch the fight LIVE, but I woke up this morning and everyone had already tagged me to inform me that Mayweather “won”.

As if, they played BetNaija and Chinonso is the one keeping their winnings. LOL!

Okay, I have watched the fight on YouTube and I am so proud of MCGregor.

I am very proud of him and these are my reasons:

1. He tamed his anger and reflexes.

2. This is his Professional boxing Debut with the No. 1 in the world and he lasted still 10th Round in such a fight?

Oh guys, c’mon!

Let’s give this guy some credit here.

3. I didn’t see much difference in him as with Manny Pacquiao. He wasn’t humiliated.

He fought the good fight of faith. 😎

4. He is just 29. At this rate, in 5 years or less, he would be a beast in the boxing ring.

He needs time to have a proper transition from kickboxing to boxing.

Yet, he did great!

5. He didn’t let Mayweather’s winning streak stop him from taking on the giant. He was bold and daring.

Entrepreneurs learn this.

Some of us are intimidated by big brands because we re small.

We shouldn’t.

5. He was glorious in defeat. Gosh, this is the part I love.

6. And then he would be heading home with a whopping sum of E23 million. That’s close to $30million.

Hey, hey, hey…. ho’llup, ho’llup, ho’llup!

Now tell me.

All of you talking this and that, wouldn’t you like to be knocked out with that kind of an amount?

Talk true.

For me, give me that amount and knock me out in Round 1 or in the Dressing Room sef, I don’t mind.


Anyway, even though I don’t like his big mouth, congratulations to Mayweather – the Money Man.

If not that I am already busy with #TheIncubators and other businesses, you for hear am….

You think my fine chest, biceps, and 6-packs are for decoration, abi?

I am a Nigerian.

When we lose, we “explain” our loss. – Chinonso Ogbogu

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