Marketing Lessons Businesses Can Learn From Burna Boy


In your effort to market your business, one of the things you can do (that doesn’t necessarily require you to spend money unless you need to engage a consultant/agency) to gain better visibility and attract your desired target audience, is to have what is called a big idea.

A big idea is commonly used for marketing campaigns. Every professional marketing campaign you see has a big idea that drives it whether it is expressly communicated or not. However, a big idea is also used to engineer and drive your entire business or organization.

We all love Nike‘s “JUST DO IT”, that is a big idea in itself derived from “Nike pushes your athletic boundaries beyond what you thought was possible, so you can win on your own terms”.

Unilever‘s Omo and Persil ran a marketing campaign themed “DIRT IS GOOD” and it was derived from the ideology named “Modern Parenting” which submits that children learn more about their environment and things as they explore their curiosity and mess their clothes up. Therefore, let the children play and as they get dirty, Omo helps you make the clothes clean again.

Because our businesses are often set up for survival, we dismiss these things, but the foreign brands make billions with it from our own pockets. Even in survival mode, you will survive better if you sell better.

Lately, a lot of people are talking about Burna Boy in relation to his positioning in the music industry beyond Nigeria. Burna boy is entrenching a strong ideology into his brand that has to do with the African narrative. It gives him access to a far wider audience and makes him hard to ignore even if you don’t enjoy his music or like his personality. Remember Wakanda? The ideology weaved into the narrative, though fictional, was magical.

WATCH: Burna Boy – Monster You Made ft. Chris Martin (VIDEO)

Once you articulate a significant ideology into your brand – something that affects the story, existence, history, aspirations, desires, or challenges of a people (your target market), your brand immediately begins to stand out from the lot. There are so many bakers out there, not a problem, but WHY do YOU bake? What is it about your own cake business that makes it different from all others? It may not even be about cakes directly, but that thing that drives you internally each day. Capture it, articulate it, and communicate it.

Defining a simple ideology for your business will enable you to get better results with your small efforts.

Through your big idea, you craft strong messages that resonate with your target market and you grow a loyal tribe of customers.

Through your big idea, you attract team members who want more than just a monthly salary. They want to be a part of something remarkable.

Through your big idea, you become more purpose-driven.

Your vision and mission statements (if you have) will stop being fancy statements you display on your walls or wherever.

We can build amazing brands in Africa.
Let’s keep doing it from our small corners of the continent.
We can do better against all odds.

Written by Co-Traveler, Mister Maple

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