Breaking News!! Woman Claims To Be Rihanna While Being Arrested At Rite-Aid


RihannaAs though Rihanna could ever be discovered doing a wonder such as this.

A lady was arrested trespassing at a Beverly Hills Rite-Aid, and attempted to persuade the police that the interloper being referred to was incredibly famous singer Rihanna.

As indicated by law enforcement officials, “A woman was busted last week at a Beverly Hills Rite-Aid, but did not have any personal identification cards on her at the time. When police asked what her name was, she told them Robyn Rihanna Fenty, which is the Oceans 8 star’s birth name.”

“The officer then asked when her birthday was, citing February 20th, the same day as Rihanna’s. However, the woman made one crucial mistake, revealing her year of birth to be 1986, when Rihanna was actually born in 1988.”

“However, the cops investigating the incident were well aware that the woman was not Rihanna, and she was eventually cited for misdemeanour trespassing before being released.”

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