I Use Uber, I Don’t Own A Car – Mr Eazi


Mreazi-chickencurry-sneakbomp3Oluwatosin Ajibabde aka Mr Eazi makes a stunning revelation about himself that he does not own a car yet. The Banku Music boss made the statement in a recent interview.

The singer also revealed that he was offered a record deal worth £356,000 in the UK which he turned down. He explains that the reason for the move was that his self-esteem is not dependent on what is bank statement says.

“If your self-esteem is based on how much you have in your bank account, then you have a serious self-esteem issue. Right from when I sang my very first song, someone offered me N80m record deal but I turned it down and at the time, I did not have N300,000 in my account.”

The ‘London Town’ crooner revealed that despite his celebrity status he does not own a car, he makes his shuttle in an Uber.

“My first record deal offer from the UK was £356,000, I turned it down but at the time, I had done a tour and the total amount  I earned was £12,500. I used the money to shoot the videos of some of my songs. I was left with £20; they were offering me £365,000, but I turned it down. The reason I did that was because my value was not dependent on what was in my account.

“Till today, I use Uber but I do not care and by the way, I don’t even pay for the ride because I was given Uber credit. But if you see me in the Uber vehicle and feel that Mr Eazi is poor, what is my business (with that)? For instance, everybody around me has cars, and besides, I buy cars for people. If it makes sense for me to use an Uber, why should I drive? Why would I pay about N100m for a car that I would probably drive just five times a year?”

Mr Eazi said he isn’t in any way fazed by the negative comments that follow his relationship with Temi Otedola.

“People can say what they want to say and if you want to let everything they say about you bother you, then you are not going to live, especially when you are in the public eye.

“You have to realise that as an entertainer, your life becomes a form of entertainment to others. I really do not care about what anybody thinks. He that is in me is greater than he that is in the world, so why care about what the world is saying?” he said

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