THINK – For It Is Written


thinkAs we grow up, the finger of life begins to poke us to talk less and think more.

But do most people hearken?

I doubt.

Talking is one of the easiest things to do in life; very easy. It only requires that we open our mouths and bingo!

But thinking is hard.

It is a lot of work.

Thinking by its own nature requires ownership and awareness.

Yet, thinking is less fashionable.

Thinking bears no easy external validation.

Neither does its direct metric appear easy to verify.

Little wonder many people consider it boring or tiring.

As a matter of fact, thinking can be exhausting and doesn’t fall into the arsenal of most people for dealing with or deciding critical issues of life.

Now, let’s try something out here.

I would try to be hypothetical, so no offense please.

When you ask young ladies or young guys what kind of person they want to marry and spend the rest of their lives with, you hardly hear most of them say:

“I desire a man or woman who (can) think-s.”

Yeah, there are those who consider this a priority, but hey, let’s do some permutations here and I bet such segment will be in the minority.

Do they even give it the level of importance it deserves for it be a stand-alone in their categorization?


But shouldn’t thinking be a vital criterion for conjugal union or any engagement that holds a sweeping effect on our destiny?

Shouldn’t thinking be basic and sacrosanct?

If my destiny is shaped by my thoughts and, yes, also the thoughts of others, doesn’t it make basic commonsense that I shop for the best in the catalogue to at least have a baseline for creating the right outcome?

Doesn’t it?

Anyway, beyond choosing a life partner and the likes, there is also the variant of time and how we can use it to ask some fundamental questions, particularly as we match towards 2018.

Questions like:

What does thinking mean to me?

How is my current thinking behaviour and what must change?

Do I talk more than I think?

Do I think well?

What is the perimeter of my thoughts and how can I expand that in 2018 and beyond?

What is the depth of my thoughts and how deeper do I intend to go in the coming seasons?

You see guys, the seriousness we attach to these questions and many others akin to them, more than anything else, would be what would shape our coming year for good or for bad.

For it is written:

As a man thinketh….. so is he.

This article was written by Chinonso Ogbogu.

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