Nigeria Tech Startup, GoMyWay Is Shutting Down


And on a sad note, GoMyWay is shutting down………

Running tech startups in Nigeria isn’t beans. Especially if you are offering a service or solution and you decide to offer a freemium initially to first gain traction for a considerable user base.

This is Nigeria and i am afraid, what works in Silicon Valley doesn’t automatically work here in Nigeria. Here the hustle is real and the local investors are not here to count bridges in Lagos.

I have over the years shared my thoughts about freemium models and why i believe in selling from day 1. It’s important to first sell then think later. According to Editi Effiong’s words. A great idea that can’t sell from day one, i am afraid isn’t a great idea after all. Bills have to be paid and the business runs on funds and this is no fairy tale story where everybody lives Happily ever after.

I believe Dami of GoMyWay did an absolutely amazing job as CEO of GoMyWay. Our brief convos at the TechPrenuers meetup in Yaba showed she was an Iron Lady who could ride the dragon. It takes a lot of guts to run a startup without initial revenue for 2 years.

Wish her all the best ahead. GoMyWay made sense all the way. Just wished they had adopted parcel delivery so they could have on boarded flight passengers with spare luggage space. I always have social frames to send to Abuja & other parts of the country, every now and then that i wish i could send them through GomyWay users if they offered that service just like Shypmate does for Diaspora to Nigeria item delivery. – Tunde Mo’ Aguda

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