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Super talented singer, Kizz Daniel as of late transformed his name from ‘Kiss Daniel’, purportedly because of his court issue with his former label who is claiming ownership of his former name, Moreso, the label has announced that despite the change of name, Kizz Daniel still have a case to attend to.

As of late, the singer made a pronouncement about his new name ‘Kizz Daniel’ on Instagram with a post that embodied a text of the new name & the caption; “Moving forward. Call me Kizz Daniel.” Shortly after that it was stated that with the move he has nipped the legal battle with G-worldwide Entertainment in the bud.

However, in a chat with Sunday Scoop, Kizz Daniel’s former manager, Louiza Williams, indicated that the singer’s present action had no repercussion on the court case.

“I actually did not know that he had changed his name until you told me. However, there is no big deal about that; it has nothing to do with the case,” said the musician’s ex-manager.

“The next court date is June 26. It is not true that the case has been settled; so, I don’t know where all those reports came from. If there was anything like that, I would be aware of it.

However Kizz Daniel does not appear in court personally, his lawyers appear on his behalf & I am sure they pass important information across to him accordingly. The court ruled that they should all maintain the status quo, but Kizz Daniel is doing what is best known to him, which is opposite to what the court ordered,” she added.

On what move G-Worldwide is considering, Williams said, “the company definitely has a plan but I cannot reveal anything for now.”

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    mm..Ajura Baba…
    It an insult to VADOO hearing people comparing you to him Remember that without KISS DANIEL their will not be a popular G WORLDWIDE
    If you are sincere to your self…. you will find out that YOU WISH G WORLDWIDE HAS SIGNED YOU WHEN “VADOO” WAS STILL WITH THEN

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