Port Harcourt Artists Are Too Unserious and Ungrateful – said an Investor


Port Harcourt Artist Are Too Unserious and UngratefulCheck out what an investor sent to Popular artiste manager and entertainment personality, Soso Soberekon.

Hello and good morning Soso

I hope you still remember me, I am the woman who was so much on your neck one time to help promote one PH female artist (name)

Now I saw your write up on Facebook as PH people are talking about it.

And honestly nobody in that PH is worth the stress

I took that girl from nothing, put her in my house.

She had a room both in my house in Ph and Lekki, I bought her the best clothes took her places and met a lot of people, I spent 6.something million in less than 5months on her, she was the only artist on 2baba show since Efe is my very good friend and Brorher, she was big on Destalker’s show and a good number of lagosians knew her that day.

AY was so happy with me and spoke well of her.

She met almost all the top people that day, I paid a lot for her to perform on the BigBrotherNaija show.

I almost went on my knees begging Derele for her to be in the show sef b4 the show started.

Meanwhile the moment we went back to PH. This girl changed and said she’s a superstar now.

That to hell with me and my money that she can make it on her own because some PH people deceived her
Honestly I was completely broken hearted.

I quickly came to Canada to see my children and decided never to go back again.

Because this is not the first time PH people are treating me so badly.

Meanwhile you will wonder why am I telling you all this.

Those children are extremely ungrateful and don’t have any idea what makes a talent.

They are too entitled. People have been asking me what about the monies I spent.

I don’t have intentions of going that route as God will keep blessing me rather it’s my entertainment village that’s under lock that was initially my issue but I rather rent the place out even though no one in PH can afford to pay rent for such a big complex but Port Harcourt is a place where people are too unserious and ungrateful.

See some people’s reactions below.

Firstly, my sincere condolence to her lost but How will you invest in a brand without a contract, trusts and strategy.
This is earth! Human beings are prone to change anytime, so if the girl changes today, don’t be surprised, cause that’s why she is a human being.
And don’t put the blame on all Port Harcourt artists.
Mind you, I have given 2 artists to prominent investors and they are making good business and no one is hearing about it cause they was a proper structure and plan.
Don’t put blames on other innocent people because you didn’t make your moves right.
This is Business, Follow Principles and reap your harvest. Go without principles and you’ll be doomed for not paying attention to details.
Please she shouldn’t make investors shy away from helping people, not just Port Harcourt artists. She should learn from her mistake and move on.

Romeo O. Z AmadiSoso Soberekon Bros no be today we know how PH artists dey behave,but the question here na “Should we allow the behavior of some persons keep our beloved PH in the dark?”.
Pls help in ur own way and I believe u won’t regret it, PH na our own and many persons wey don make am like u, did so because dem start from here. “U no go take say ur eye lead u commit sin pluck am out, because u go blind”!
Let’s make PH an entertainment paradise.

Charlesba T. Charles – Soso if you want to help PH artists please do without listening to this kinda talk about pride, ungratefulness etc. People are bad generally, b it in Ph , Lag, Abj……. I am trying to recall what happened between banky W and Wizkid, are they port Harcourt Artist????? Frank de Nero helped one of our ph biggest artist to release his hit album by using d Nero studio back then in Rumuola. Today how far? I don’t think the artist Even remembers the name Frank. So Bro if you want to help any one, do it out of free will or strictly business.

Mkeyz Goodhead Cookey – Abeg, kindly ask the lady where the place is and how much she’s willing to rent it. There are other young people like myself that is serious and bent on achieving set goals, becoming successful and helping others as well.
About the entitlement, ungrateful, unserious and instantenous gratification nature of some folks in the entertainment and business circle of Portharcourt, that one no be lie. But I’d rather focus on the positives cos that’s the only way I can sell my solution..
Meanwhile Soso Soberekon I’m still very much interested in the mentorship thing. I’m not asking for fish, just show me how to. Thanks

Hon Prince Lucky Odili – Soso Soberekon I’m very sure this is madam phina , I warned her, advised her from my experience but she took all for granted , probably cos she didn’t pay for such service.. The problem is not to give monkey water , the challenge is to collect your cup back .. I sympathized with you my sister and my friend and I hope you got the message .. Wasted time , money , energy and resources..

Dagogo SnadI agree with the Lady, most P.H Artist are too proud and ungrateful without sense, I have meet a good number of them i wish i can call Names and all I see is pride without talent.

Tina Lucci ShugaDon’t let this experience discourage you from helping out those who needs it more,Keep being you Soso Soberekon and i noticed a guy has been using your pictures around this street(I remember tagging you but no response so I blocked the guy).

Desmond UkwamehIn this message the lady has show her true character, in her words no one in PH can afford to pay rent for such a big complex, i don’t blame the girl only her knows what she pass through…….
Because of one girl u tag the entire population in a city as unserious and ungrateful what nonsense…….

Ama TolofariOh wow
Such an unfortunate incident
I have been reading through your recent posts on PH artists…
Please dont be discouraged,i am sure there are still some good persons out there with great talent…
I have nothing to gain here,i truly should scroll up ..
But i think you can make a difference and change the narrative as always..
Home is where the heart lies
Best wishes Soso!!!

Billy DolomiteU know I have heard stories like this before and I must say you can’t judge the lot because of one person. People like me have never had anyone lift us up like this lady did that girl.

Tomdee KomigaSoso. Please, don’t be discouraged by this story. We’re to be our brothers keeper. We plant, water and God rewards. I wish I can still be of help to promote PH artiste inspite of their unruly behavior. Waconzy doesn’t respond to my messages. I was among the first DJ to dish out Timaya Dem mama. Am I complaining. Only God has our reward. I have been following you on FB and see you reaping the harvest with David and the rest while back then you were promoting unknown artistes. They are the reason why you are where you are now.

Victor EnyicheMaybe we should equally talk about the bad investors in the industry in Port Harcourt.
As much as these “Acts” have their issues, I dare say people with the availability of funds and are willing to invest do so wrongly.
Investment is a risk and before taking a risk, you should at least be ready for all the liabilities and assets.
Most business models in PH ( especially entertainment but not limited to it) are faulty and doesn’t apply reasonable and proper approach to get things done.
My opinion: Instead of trying to get our songs/ art/product to get to Lagos for it to “blow” let’s try reaching the world. The market is too huge to be decided by how many clubs are playing it.
Remember what dey say about when shit hits the fan.

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