Orezi – Whine For Daddy ft. Tekno [Official Audio]


Orezi - Whine For Daddy ft. Tekno Orezi – Whine For Daddy ft. Tekno. Orezi works together with Tekno on his first song of 2018 entitled ‘Whine for Daddy.’ The tune comes after his 2017 hit melodies, ‘Hallelujah’ and ‘Cooking Pot’.

Orezi portrays ‘Whine for Daddy’ as a “Sugar Daddy jam” went for influencing individuals to move. As per him, “I was just trying to make a record that people can dance to, just whine and Daddy will take care of you.”

On working together with Tekno, Orezi says “I love Tekno and I love his music.

We have always talked about making a record together and we just made it happen.”

Created by Mystro, the melody starts and finishes with a lovely harmonization between the two ‘Alhajis.’ The up-rhythm tune mixes afrobeat and dancehall sounds while Tekno’s verse presents Igbo highlife vibes that will influence you ‘Whine for Daddy’.

Listen Orezi – Whine For Daddy ft. Tekno below.

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    Tekno is right none of his age mate who will not behave so if the opportunity comes their way so be happy for what ever he has done please

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