Oh how I love GTBank


GTBankBut this case against them is such a serious one and it hurts me to see a brand I love in this dirty dust.

The thing is even making me to be checking my account steady. Kinda tiring.

If Innoson is declared winner in the two cases at the Supreme Court with over N30bn in payback, GTBank may go under and cease to exist.

And with this current campaign for people to withdraw their funds from the bank, chaos is being contrived.

And I have funds there. Kinda confused on whether to transfer them out.

This is a lesson to me as a business person.

“Hidden things” must be done away. The client must be aware of everything, clearly stated, before agreeing to deals.

Don’t tell him that he should pay N5000 and yet there are hidden charges at the back. Be upfront.

Never undercut the client. Don’t wish she is a dunce and will not read the fine print so that she ties herself with a rope around the neck while your pocket smiles.

Honesty and integrity are serious watchwords.

I remember when one lady said I was a fraudster because I had not delivered a book she paid N1,000 for and I was already setting up other products.

I could not sleep. I tossed and turned. Tears rolled down my eyes. If only she knew. I had to send emails and kept apologizing to her. Till today she has refused to reply my emails, even when the book was eventually launched and sent to all who pre-ordered.

I remember that I have a father who told me before my university days, “Nwam, a good name is better than riches!”

We shall keep striving to uphold the supremacy.

Written by Emeka Nobis

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