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Ochuko Obukohwo - Lord I’m YoursOchuko Obukohwo – Lord I’m Yours. The melody Lord I’m Yours was resulting from a position of unity with God.

In Ochuko’s words: “It was the moment I thought I was all by myself, all I could see were shadows. God was my first and last option, in that state I wrote this song. I wanted to go deeper in my walk with him.”

How about we ride together, as Ochuko takes us somewhere down in love of our sovereign God.

Listen and download Ochuko Obukohwo – Lord I’m Yours below;

Download Ochuko Obukohwo – Lord I’m Yours


“Verse1: Take my hands lord,guide my feet,help me to listen when you speak cos i am yours
(All) Lord I’m yours.

Verse 2:

You path the red sea, for my safety, you’ll never leave me, though I fall short I am Yours
(All) Lord I’m yours.

Verse 3:

A million words can’t describe, how much you love and shepherd me, cos I am yours
(All) Lord I’m yours.

Verse 4:

You saw me running, from my breakthrough, you sent your Only to rescue me cos I am yours
(All) Lord I’m yours.

Lord I am yours – 6x.

My Jesus, My Saviour, Please guide me,only you can…

My Jesus, My Saviour, please hide me,
only you can…4x.

I cannot walk alone 2x
Yea yea
I cannot walk alone
I need you 3x

I cannot do it on my own 2x
I need you 3x
Yea yea yea
I need you 2x”

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