Kiss Daniel Changes Stage Name


Flyboy Entertainment front man, ‘Kiss Daniel‘ seems to have changed his stage name to Kizz Daniel.

About a week ago, the singer did a change of his social media account, putting down the posts on his Instagram page & treduced down the list of people he is following to 14, as at the time of reporting this post.

Lately, it was discovered that the singer’s Instagram username has been changed from ‘@iamkissdaniel’ to ‘@iamkizzdaniel’, brewing the belief that the No Do singer has embrace a new stage name & has left the name ‘Kiss Daniel’ for G-worldwide.

Remember that his former label laid assertion to the ownership of his assumed former name, ‘Kiss Daniel’, in their legal battle against him. It is assumed that the change of name was done in response to the direction of the legal war between him & G-worldwide Entertainment.

While we anticipate an official statement from Kiss Daniel’s camp, the rumour surronding the change of name maintain to grow.

See the picture below.

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