How To Tell If Someone Is Lying


How To Tell If Someone Is LyingThe most serious thing you have to deal with in a relationship is figuring out whether your partner is being sincere or not.

Much as you want to believe that yours is the perfect relationship, there may be hidden cracks in it that you won’t be able to see at a glance.  This article will teach you how to tell if someone is lying to you.

With this skill, you can immediately sense what’s bothering your partner and maybe even realize the issues you have to deal with to turn your relationship around.

Is your partner cheating on you or trying to hide something that you think affects your relationship? It could be a financial problem, a lost job, or the fact that he’s losing all attraction for you.

Whatever is bothering your partner, you have to talk it out sincerely and in a calm manner.

If you get your partner to talk to you and open his heart, you will know where you stand in your relationship and only then can you respond accordingly.

How do you start your talk?

First of all, you cannot be melodramatic about the whole thing if you want your partner to open up without fearing your wrath if he or she spills the truth.

Next, you also have to figure out how to tell if someone is lying.

Body language makes up a huge part of our daily conversation. Just by being observant, you can detect lies and hidden agenda.

When you have your talk, look out for the following signs of lying or insincerity.

No Eye Contact

When you express your intention of having a heart to heart conversation with your partner, you must look in his or her eye while you’re presenting your request.

This is to show your sincerity to deal with the problem once and for all.

Once in conversation, do this: look in his eyes as you’re asking the questions, and then look for a sudden shift in vision when he responds with an answer.

If you’re just learning how to tell if someone is lying, you have to rely on your probing abilities.

Simply put, you have to ask direct questions.

When confronted with a question that needs a yes or no answer, a individual who lied will display body language that invalidates the lie.

It could be the sudden twitching or eyes focusing all around but you.

Longer Duration of Emotional Expression

Emotional display on his or her part will be more ‘relaxed’ than usual.

When a person lies, the feelings stays longer than normal because the person is trying to convince you that the feeling is sincere.

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If you’ve known your partner for a long time, you will notice this change immediately.

Watch out for Smiles

Laughter that doesn’t reach the eyes is a clear sign of lying.

Do you notice how a sincere smile makes the eyes smile as well?

A smile or a chuckle that leaves your partner’s eyes cold is not truthful.

When you’re set on trying to figure out ways to tell if someone is lying, your gut feelings will play a big role when you create your judgment.

Learning ways to tell if someone is lying means trusting your instincts and being aware of the small voice inside your head that’s telling you something is off.

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