Ultimate Guide to Making It in the Music Industry


Ultimate Guide to Making It in the Music Industry Important Note: People aspire to become great musicians and want to take music as their mainstream job.

People are passionate about music, and they want to earn their bread and butter and pay their bills through music. But being a musician is not very simple.

From a lot of reasons some are, it is not a very common ground where everybody has knowledge about the particular career.

Also, people don’t see it as a career-making field rather music has always been considered as a hobby.

The people who want to become great musicians do not know how to perceive their passion and how to channelize their talent in a particular way.

Here are few tips or guide that will help you in understanding how you can make your way in the music industry.


Practice is the most important thing that will help you succeed in the world of music.

Being consistent and having amazing talent is what can make your way through the music industry.

There are lots of people who try daily to get their way into the music industry, but not everyone is that lucky.

You need to have a uniqueness to yourself.

Do not try to copy any of the singers or musicians; always create something of your own.

The more you practice, the more perfection you will generate, and this will help you get a lead in the music industry.


It is important that you go out in the market and self-publicize yourself so that people come to know about you.

It is not necessary that you need to do free shows around the world to get that popularity, but instead, you can start with your personal music blogs and personal YouTube channels.

This personal music blogs and YouTube channels can help you in creating publicity among your people and also create a fan following for yourself.

Having contacts

If you have certain friends who are already working in the music industry, you can get in touch with them and ask them to refer you to people who are prominent and well known in the world of music industry.

Contacts are very important when you need to make your way in the music industry.

You can try to attend certain parties with your friends where well-known faces are a part of it, and you can try to talk to one or two professionals who can help you and guide you through your career in music industry.

Participating in talent hunt shows

There are many famous Talent Hunt shows that go live on television.

They also have certain judges that are well known in the field of music industry.

That is the greatest chance where you can make your way through getting into the music industry.

Not only getting the first prize is what is important but also letting the world know about you is important.

Through the television you increase your outreach to the public and also certain people who are on the outlook of new talent can get to know you through such platforms.

If you think you have the talent, you must go and get yourself registered in such talent hunt competition and compete in them.

Marketing agents

There are many agents in the market who can help you in linking your work to some of the leading musicians.

Their job is to sell your talent to the music world so that you can get recognition.

They already have their contacts in the music world, and you need to pay a minimum fee to get yourself in the music industry.

If you get yourself recognized and somebody hires you for the work you need to pay a certain percentage of your first contract to the agent.

Using social media platform

Once you have created your YouTube or a music blog channel you can start with making a social media page for yourself.

This way you can increase your outreach with the people and also the assistants who are working for big music agencies.

You never know when you come across the right person, and you get the opportunity to enter the music world.

Contacting the music agencies

Getting in touch with the music Agencies or leaving your CDs at the reception of music agencies can also be a good option to get into the field of music industry.

There are many music agencies that are on an outlook of new talent.

They go through such CDs that come at their doorstep.

Make a copyrighted CD for yourself and then give it to the music agencies.

If you have a good fan following on your YouTube channel and your social media page you can also drop in the details of the same.

This will give you an added advantage of getting into the music industry.

Final word

So there were a few tips on how you can make it into the music industry.

Talking to somebody who is professional in the field or who has actually is working their way up through the music industry can be a good option.

Don’t forget to contact music blogs(that are still influential) like us Naija Music, Naijaloaded , Notjustok or Tooxclusive for promotion.

Keep practicing your talent even when you are in search of work, or you are making your way through the music industry.

Because practice makes a man perfect.

And anybody who has a perfect talent is the most desirable person to get selected.

It is only your talent that will pay you well.

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