EXCLUSIVE!!! Falz Shares His Thoughts On Yahoo Boys, Nigeria Police, Others


Prominent artist, Folarin Falana, popularly known as Falz , has talked up concerning some indispensable in the nation. The popular performer shred his contemplations on the condition of the Nigerian country, the yahoo young boys issue, the Nigerian Police Force et cetera.

Falz expressed this while tending to his exceedingly debated ‘This is Nigeria’ video which addresses numerous issues including the Nigeria police ,defilement and online fraud, otherwise called ‘yahoo yahoo’.

In a meeting with CNBC, the vocalist cum performing artist clarified that he was propelled to tell the Nigerian story through his music over his disappointment in how ills are being commended & standardized in the nation.

“I feel like we need to stay at a heightened level of social consciousness and political awareness out here because everyone is seemingly distracted by entertainment… that we sort of forget we’re facing a lot of struggles as a country.

“At the end of the day, money is very important. People need to make money, even I need to make money. But I feel like at every interval we need to stop and think. We need to pause and look around. Are we becoming too insensitive?”

“It’s very appalling and it’s very disturbing that the irregular has become regularised and more people now look at things that should be frowned upon as normal.

“Oh you know it’s just hustle, they’re just trying to make ends meet meanwhile that is blatantly a crime, that is blatantly wrong.

“I didn’t feel any need to take back what I said about Yahoo boys and I still stood by what I said. I readdressed the point in my ‘This is Nigeria’ video.”

Falz, further addressed insecurity issue in the country, adding that the police are not protecting lives and needs revamp.

“The serious insecurity issue that we have right now, nobody is secure.

“The police force that is supposed to be enforcing law and order aren’t really doing that if we’re going to be honest. In my opinion, the entire police force needs a complete revamp.

“People constantly in the north being killed, being kidnapped. It’s really disturbing. And that what I said earlier about insensitivity.

“We’re all carried away by everything that is going on. We’re forgetting that everyday little girls, little children are being kidnapped, being killed and it’s just not right,” Falz added.

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