Exclusive: Falz – This Is Nigeria [New Video]


Falz - This Is NigeriaWatch Falz – This Is Nigeria is out. Naija rapper Falz drops a new a music video for his song entitled This is Nigeria.

Bhad Guyz Records founder Falz releases his own particular variant of ‘This is America’ which is constantly called ‘This is Nigeria’.

Falz features the disagreeable side of Nigeria, the hardship, fizzled government, cybercrime, sedate habit, Book Haram, wilderness equity and so forth.

‘This is Nigeria’ utilizes a comparative plot as the first done by Childish Gambino.

Watch Falz – This Is Nigeria beneath!

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    Oga Falz, I’m not a fanatic of replicating the imagination of others without due affirmation yet your message is adept and bodes well. You’ve been exceptionally think with your music as it is conveyed through amusingness. Well done, however make your own particular as well or recognize the first maker in the visual content

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    Police close by 6pm for security reasons ?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️ the issue weak me????

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    Asides from the six packs that is being transmitted sad I mean, transfused I mean transcoded I mean showed all finished, Falz is one Musician that doesn’t joke with his verses, his verses are dependably on point and genuine. Awards the distance ???.

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    Brilliant video and verses Childish Gambino has offered eyes to the visually impaired.. This is Nigeria where the best graduating understudy of a college isn’t perceived by the state senator yet the champ or finalist of BIG BROTHER NINJA is made a diplomat for training and given a large number of Naira for engaging in sexual relations on National TV

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    Falz, the main artiste in naij with a cognizant side to his music, addresses genuine issues in Nigeria. It’s not regular turn up music man, we require this as a country

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