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Charles Aogee - Nigeria is OursCheckout Charles Aogee – Nigeria is Ours new song.

The melody dropped by motivation amid my administration year with NYSC, and it was resulting from a craving to serve the nation and contribute my own portion to national improvement.

God opened my eyes to see that the issue of serving your nation, isn’t only an issue amongst you and your kindred nation man, however an issue amongst you and God.

Also, I got some light to brace that point, from the Nigerian Pledge:I saw that the first and last expressions of the vow are ‘I’ and ‘God’ separately.

N-I-G-E-R-I-An as a word, spells seven letters, and I comprehend that seven is metaphorical of solidarity in decent variety.

The rainbow is a wonderful blend of seven hues!

Also, how does this apply? It outlines to us that in this country, everybody has a unique place, hugeness and esteem, and God rules over all.

There’s no requirement for viciousness, differences or divisions. Nigeria is our country.

We ought not tear it down, or break it separated. Yet rather, WE SHOULD BUILD IT TOGETHER. Nigeria is our own!

Listen & get Charles Aogee – Nigeria is Ours below.

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