Adekunle Gold & Mimi Onalaja Unveiled As Hosts of The Future Awards Africa 2017


The Future Awards Africa 2017According to Adebola Williams organizer of The Future Awards Africa 2017, said Nigeria TV Presenter, Omowunmi “Mimi” Onalaja, has in the last three years done many things for the TFAA team back stage.

Smaller tasks that one could turn their nose and say “too small a gig”.

She didn’t just do them but did them whole heartedly (I will tell you about another couple later) and it was with all pleasure the CWC adding to her fast growing credential and capacity chose her to host #TheFutureAwardsAfrica2017

Adekunle Gold is one rare breed. He told me some days ago, “I once interviewed to be a graphics designer at your office and Today I’m hosting Africa’s most prestigious platform from your stable”.

This is a man constantly pushing himself, in a competition with himself to be his best self. Growing and metamorphosing like his recent @tedxeuston talk.

I am confident he will put up his best show tomorrow and can wait for you all to experience these two gems.

When I say “do not be afraid of the back stage, be afraid of not preparing at the back stage because soon, the spotlight will find you”, this is what I mean.

Ladies and gentlemen your host for TFAA 2017.

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