Top 7 Steps To Getting Pregnant Faster


Getting Pregnant FasterTop 7 Steps To Getting Pregnant Faster – So guys finally tied the knot and are so eager to start a family but wondering how fast you can make this happen, worry not.

We will be giving you eight steps in getting pregnant quickly.

Now, some people have little or no problem conceiving fast while for some people it takes a little planning, what ever the case may be.

Here are top 7 ways to getting pregnant faster

Doctor’s appointment

It is highly necessary to make an appointment with your doctor to check your health history.

Before conceiving and bringing a child to this world, you should make certain to know if you have any underlying diseases such as diabetes, thyroid diseases and even hypertension.

Knowing this will help you place them under control before conceiving and will reduce any chances of miscarriages and what not.

Know your BMI, or body mass index

Yes, for some people are this is no stranger to them as they have been on the weight loss journey before.

Now the best BMI for conception is between 20 and 25.

Having too little or too much fat in your system disturbs your hormones making it harder for you to get pregnant.

No More smoking

Even if one is not trying to get pregnant, smoking is terribly bad for the health.

For women now trying to conceive and smokes, it should be immediately stopped.

Studies have shown that women who smoke have a harder time trying to conceive.

In- fact it takes them 1.5 years to conceive, so why risk having a beautiful baby if for a pack of cigarette?

No More Alcohol/drugs

Just as smoking is bad for the health, so is alcohol.

Both the lady and the man should steer clear of alcohol and drug.

Studies have also shown that men who smoke marijuana once a week have a decreased sperm count by about a third.

Cooler months help in achieving this faster

Research has shown that sperm is at its healthiest in cooler months.

So once you guys are about to start trying for that baby, do some in cooler months.

Know when you ovulate

for some women, their ovulation period starts 14 days before their next period but those whose do not start then, you can track your ovulation period by taking your basal body temperature or get an ovulation prediction kit.

You can also download the app to help you monitor your cycle, once you are certain on when you ovulate, make sure to have se*x in the four days leading up to your ovulation and one to two days after

No Lubricants

You guys should steer clear of lubricants.

Lubricants are known to affect the motility of the sperm which makes it harder for the sperm to reach the egg.

Should you need lubrication during s3x, make use of Olive oil.

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