5 Attributes That Instantly Makes You More Attractive To Any Woman


5 Attributes That Instantly Makes You More Attractive To Any Woman5 Attributes That Instantly Makes You More Attractive To Any Woman – So, I have com across a couple of men, who have asked me this question over and over again, ‘How do I make her look my way’?

Some of them become so frustrated after spending so much time in getting her even take a look at you, she immediately loses interest.

Not to worry guys, today, we will be discussing 5 things that instantly places you on her radar.

Yes, we know some ladies might not show any interest even at the beginning, but be certain that these 5 things we are about to list, will definitely have her more interested in your person in no time.

Interesting Story

So you got her to go on a date with you and would kill to have her show an hint of her being attracted to you, simple, just make certain that all the stories you tell her interesting.

To keep her interest, your story definitely has to be well aligned to make it interesting.

You are also not limited to any genre, it could be humor, tragedy and so on.

Any man, who can tell a killer story, automatically becomes attractive to any lady.

Cocky Comedy

Yeah yeah, we love this too. When your story is a comedy laced with a bit of cockiness, women instantly becomes attracted.

That kind of story that makes any woman wonder, how in the world you could have made your self say that but then again, be like, ‘Oh you are so funny;.

Yes, those kinds of story will put you in their good books.

However, make certain that your cockiness is at a limit as too much of it makes you come across as being insecure.

Wanna know if your cocky comedy is working? Do tell, sis she laughing?

Be woman friendly

No don’t get me wrong, its not what most of you might think.

This simply means you making friends with a lot of women like the type you would love to date.

Doing this will teach you all you need to know before you approach that lady you have been eyeing for so long.

Educate your self before taking that step.

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Be honest, ethical and authentic

There are some men who are so ashamed of their desires they lie.

Some other men, would be caught staring at a woman’s body part and when asked what he is looking at, he says the truth by being cocky yet fun.

You hear things like, ‘Wait I am not done yet.’ Cocky right?

But fun as well. Of course, she will think you are so full of yourself, but at the same time, think its fun and even flattering.

Let there be a boundary

I have sat down with some of my guy friends who keep complaining about a certain lady they had gone on a date with using them to make another jealous.

If you fall in that group, immediately let her know its not cool as you would not be used for such disrespectful act as you place so much respect on your person.

Set the boundary in a subtle yet clear manner.

So, guys, here are 5 was to instantly make yourself attractive to that lady.

Try these steps and thank us later.

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