15 Signs That Your Partner is Getting Bored From Your Relationship


Secrets To A Lasting LoveNo relationship is perfect. Dealing with problems as they come along is crucial to the health of each relationship in your life.  Boredom in a relationship can quickly put an end to what is a good thing. Is your partner bored?

Below are 15 signs that your partner is bored from the relationship.
What will you do to fix the problem?

Finding excuses to spend little or no time with you.

If your partner keeps finding excuses not to go out on dates or spend time with you, this is a good sign that your partner is bored.

Pay attention to whether or not your partner is avoiding spending time with you.

Rejecting phone calls.

When phone calls become fewer and farer in between, your partner may be getting a little bored.

Filling his or her agenda with things that don’t include you.

If your partner seems to be busy doing things that don’t include you, you have something to worry about.

If he or she refuses to invite you to go along, this is a good sign that things are going downhill.

Refusing to be intimate.

While intimacy in relationships differ among people, when your partner is bored you may notice a substantial decrease in levels of intimacy.

He or she may even refuse to be affectionate in public.

Evidence in speech. 

Boredom can also be heard through speech.

Look for clues in her speech that signal she is getting bored or tired of the relationship.

She encourages you to find a hobby.

A partner who is bored may encourage you to find a hobby or push you to spend times with friends so that she can go and do things on her own.

A non caring attitude. 

If her attitude switches from one that truly cares about the relationship to one who could care less, you have a problem.

The relationship is not on the right path.

He or she seems unhappy all the time.

You should also suspect that your partner is bored if you can’t seem to satisfy her.

Is your partner unhappy all the time?

Being overly irritated or aggravated with you for no apparent reason.

How your partner acts toward you can be a big indication of how she feels about the relationship.

If she seems overly aggravated with you all the time for no reason, boredom may be setting in.

Doesn’t include you in social networking or blocks you from her page.

Does her facebook page say that she is in a relationship with you?

If not, this can signal that the relationship is drawing to a close for her.

Does she mention you or have photos of you on the page?

Read through her facebook and look for clues to determine whether or not she sees you as a vital part of her life.

Social networking sites can answer many questions  you have about her.

Really doesn’t care that you missed an important appointment or date. 

If dates such as anniversaries or birthdays no longer seem important, this is a sign that your partner no longer cares about the relationship.

Shows no desire to move the relationship forward. 

If you are in the relationship, it must show signs of going somewhere.

Whether it’s marriage far in the future or simply devotion to each other, the relationship must continually move forward.

Refuses to talk about the future.

Is she willing to make future plans with you? If not, she may not see a future.

This is one classic sign that boredom is affecting the relationship.

Compares your relationship with her to others.

If she constantly “wishes you could be like Jane’s boyfriend,” it’s time to take a closer look at the relationship.

Comparison is never a good thing.

Refuses to communicate with you verbally.

Communication is an essential part of a healthy relationship.

If the communication has almost completely ceased, there are major problems in the relationship.

Is your partner showing any of the signs above?

What will you do to put the spice back into your relationship and save it before it ends?

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