10 Things You Must Do To Be Successful By Age 30


10 Things You Must Do To Be Successful By Age 30With the amount of people below the age of 30 attaining massive wealth being broad-casted on social media and every other media outlet everyday, we all get to ask ourselves the same question, what did it take for these people to attain that level.

The answer is simple, they followed a particular habit early in life.

So, you are in your early or late twenties, are beyond ready to hit jackpot before you clock the big 30, stay calm, because today, we will be teaching you ten highly important things to do to attain success before the age of thirty.


Yes, no one is saying it will be easy to actually do certain things, but that’s the exact reason why you have several days leading up to years before you turn thirty to build up enough courage.

To make it in any aspect of life, some sort of bravery and confidence is highly essential, so each day while in your twenties, learn to ride the bravery horse until you become an expert rider by the time you need that skill.

Fear does nothing for anyone, it only limits your abilities


Nothing speaks volume more than a person, completely accepting who they really are.

Yes, others might not understand you and might want to talk you down, but this will never be possible, if you learn to love yourself for who you are.

Your flaws and weaknesses might actually be the way to hitting your jackpot by the time you turn thirty.


I have said this over and over again, multitasking, does no one any good.

When you find that one thing you are good at, put in all your strength and attention and you will be surprised on just how well things will work out.

Putting your attention on different projects will never allow you be great at them as the focus will wane.

You want to do something purely awesome, never multitask.


Jealousy, does no one any good.

When your colleague is doing good at his or her job, it is because that person put in all he or she had, why not take a cue and be the best in your own field too.

It will not take a hair out of your head should you congratulate and be happy for that person.

So, jealousy, a huge no no for attaining success by the time the big three zero strolls in.


Nothing spells motivation more than talking to the elderly who have tried several time before finally making it in life.

So, while you are just starting out, talk to the elderly, learn a few things here and there, listen to their ‘war’ stories, their pain, regrets and their success story and use those to build your way into success group.

Advice from the veterans/experienced is priceless anytime of the year/century.


Success comes with a lot of dedication and hardwork, as well as learning to live without some unnecessary things.

Yearning for success by the age of 30, send less, cut back on some things, over all be prudent so you can save more for productivity later in life.


A mentor does not really have to be a professional person, it could be a family member or friend who has gone through it all and is now successful.

Chose someone who has major experience in whatever line you might chose to pitch your tent and work closely with such person.

A mentor is highly needed to help teach you the right from wrong path and ensure that you stay on the right part of course.


I have heard a few young ones complain of boredom and just needing to make things livelier, no.

If your plan is to attain success by the age of thirty, then you must fall helplessly in love with boredom.

Working during such times in life, enables you not only create a great work ethic for yourself, but also enables you learn to do things when you are most uncomfortable and just need a away out of.

Embrace boredom, your best work might just come from there.


With the recession now, everyone who has a paying day job, is among the lucky few in the world today, but your paying job shouldn’t stop you from working on your side project.

Yes, pay attention on your main job, but whenever there is little time on your hands, work on your side project.

Continue doing this until you see that the side project finally allows you leave your day job.


No one can make it on their own in life.

Your need to create an audience to excel in life is highly recommended.

This could be family and friends, who cheer you on when necessary, all the same ensure you have an audience, who can candidly comment on whatever project you might be working on at any given point in life.

Social media, has also made this possible, as one can now have accounts on this platforms and gradually build their fan base.

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