“Wizkid don blow Duncan Mighty” abeg no talk that one.. Na disrespect – Reflex Soundz


Reflex SoundzLots of people have been saying that Wizkid has blown Duncan Mighty or taken his music worldwide. #FAKELOVE

Well u’re partly right but u’re mostly wrong.. ????

Here’s why…

Duncan had always had his space and his audience.

And was okay with it.

It’s nobody’s job to tell an artist when, where or how far to take his career..

We’re all doing music for different reasons and at different levels..

Play ur role, maintain ur position and advance with caution whenever u feel the time is right for you

Duncan did his music, rep’d his city and made a fortune for himself.

Man got married, invested in other business and chose not to focus on only the music (ask around)..

How is that a bad thing? He even kept doing music as a side hussle..

Yeah.. He still dropped an album and kept killing shows when he could…even when y’all thought he was done..

And it’s banging. Go listen.

May I remind u that Duncan is one artist that has defied practically all those so set rules of the politicized Nigerian entertainment industry?


his self produced album was pure fire, rich sound, strong ethnic tone and a fusion of so many genres coupled with clean stellar vocal harmonies and delivery, guyyy……… anyone who got that album couldnt deny that his music was UNIQUE.. (I bought that CD 5 freaking times in 6 months) …

His first album was a total playlist (every jam was a hit back to back..

If u know you know) it was as if all the tracks blew up with no serious promo or any focused effort at trying to favor the Lagos market space or be accepted there… Pls Respect that if not anything

If you never knew Duncan mighty until Fake Love and you say u listen to Nigerian music it’s your fault for not identifying with good music.. Na ur Toro be that.. If na Wizkid u like.. Leave our Duncan for us..

So Duncan decided to cross carpet or shld I say, decided to share his music with a wider audience “By Choice” and spent some time in Lagos granting interviews and doing features and somehow effortlessly smooth sailed on the Fake Love song. ( in my opinion he nailed that joint.

Wizkid had no choice but to follow the same template anything else he wld have done, he stood no chance with a power house like Duncan)

Yall need to realize that there are classes of artists.

1 – Celeberated
2 – Multi Talented
3 – Underated
4- Dynamic
5 – Indigenous
….. Etc

Now different artist have a combination of these in Varying ratios, and different artists also have different levels of grace which is a very determining factor.

Wizkid is a very good artist, he’s got the looks, he’s dynamic, indegenous and Mostly Celebrated.

Duncan on the other hand is a multi talented artist, indegenous, dynamic and underated… U guys realize he’s a wonderful producer right?.. Good.

Starboy ft. Wizkid & Duncan Mighty - Fake Love

Now here is my opinion on this fake love Matter… Wizkid is a highly celebrated artist, if u near am… E go affect u straight.. According to my friend..em say… Oh boy Wizkid star to bright e dey blind ?????

It’s alright if u say Wizkid’ celebrity status is a huge influence on the present popularity of the song Fake love, but please don’t make the mistake of saying “Wizkid don blow Duncan” abeg no talk that one.. Na disrespect.. Lol

So yeah errone wants to feature Duncan mighty now and wants a piece of his sound on their tracks (even me sef.) but it’s Duncan they are after, not Wizkid exactly… In this case..

And u do realize that this is Duncan yet again defying another huge feat in the industry… Right? .. Sorta feels like that Old retired footballer that is invited to play in the international league and starts scoring so much goals…. He’s got the coach and the execs considering if they shld nt shift the retirement age of the other players further.. ??????

And yeah I’m a huge Duncan mighty fan.. I’m in my house come and beat me???

Signing out Reflex!!!

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