We Need More Creative Nigerian Content Creators 😐


Early this morning as is my daily habit I was browsing on YouTube to learn a thing or two before I get started on my day.

I decided to search for specific niches explored by Nigerians. I searched for Tech related topics and specified the keyword ‘Nigerian’ and to be honest, I wasn’t satisfied with what I got, especially when compared to other countries.

There were Nigerian Vloggers alright but not as much as should be.

I did more researches still specifying ‘Nigerian’ for various industries and I found out that we were more in the ‘Fashion and Beauty ‘ industry than any other industry.

While this is really good, it is quite unsatisfactory especially for a country endowed with so many gifts and talents.

Now this isn’t just YouTube alone, Podcasts as well carry the same story. Very limited of number of Nigerians.

I think we are more comfortable with text!

So many people reading this right now find it difficult to write long social media or blog posts but when it comes to speaking or been behind the camera they are in their elements, they can do it for hours without getting tired.

So what’s stopping you?

Why haven’t you started a YouTube channel or even a podcast?

I launched my podcast early this year and I’m working on my first episode. I may not detest writing but I know I am gifted in the ‘mouth industry’ too.
I am also planning to start my YouTube channel soon because I love been behind the camera and teaching people what I know.

So I ask again,
What’s stopping you?

You don’t have a video camera?

Your phone nko?

Start with your phone and go learn some videography skills on YouTube.

Start teaching people what you know,

It can be cooking,
Digital marketing,
Smartphone productivity,
Hair Making

and so much more

Start building credibility in your niche…..let people see you as an authority.

For podcasts,

You can just record yourself talking about something you love and want to teach people then use an app like ‘Anchor’ to edit it and host as a podcast then distribute it to other platforms. This increases your visibility too

Whichever you choose, be consistent at it.

Keep learning more about the platforms and how to make best use of its features.

It will come to a point when you can make money out of it.

Who said as a Personal Brand, you have to keep writing stuffs here on facebook?……

Please be creative.
Explore other ways to reach out to your target audience.

Who knows that may be the special thing about you that makes you different from your competitors and make you appeal to your target audience.

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