Ty Bello – KERE O! [New Song]


Watch this new song from Ty Bello – KERE O!.

TY Bello drops new song titled “KERE O” (Sound the Alarm), another melody from the most up to date version of her Spontaneous Worship series.

“The drum and the trumpet sang this song before I did. It was almost as if as Afolabi Johnson and Unwana Etuk began to play, I knew exactly what they were saying”Ty Bello

“It really is true what 1Corinthians14:7-10 says about distinct sounds. I believe that there’s a message in every instrument and I believe their messages.” – Ty Bello added

“This is the time the world has been waiting for- the time for true revival. The crescendo of all things” She closed

Watch Ty Bello – KERE O! video below.

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