[TRENDING] Fans Reactions to Naira Marley’s Soapy Dance


Fans Reactions to Naira Marley's Soapy DanceHi fans, below are some fans reactions to Naira Marley’s soapy dance!! Watch the dance below in case you’ve not seen it, yet.

Daniel Adeniyi: It’s because of songs like soapy and it’s stupid disgusting dance by Naira Marley, I’ve vowed to use my resources to developing a strong Christian Entertaining platform that will garner a new era of clean yet entertaining music content.

Enough of these men with reprobate minds feeding our next generation with such immoral songs and dance that visibly depicts s3x act and masturbation.

Enough!!!!!. Enough!!!!

Tms Bell: Soapy…a concept promoting masturbation and some parents are encouraging their wards to Learn the dance. The devil is subtle in all his ways.

Kliss Savage: Naira marley is a fool, Naira marley songs are trash, Naira Marley’s SOAPY is noñsense, Is he trying to encourage masturbating, Same people when his songs comes up:

Kabi’esi Adeyeye: Someone with sense. Wondering why they released the dude in the first place. Can he be deported already to the pit of hell, he is an unhealthy influence on us. We have seen and heard worse stuff but he is the height of it.

Lesley Obyno Mbakwe: To think that people encouraged the “one corner” dance was the beginning of the dance tribulations.
Perhaps and I’m sorry to say, this dance will stay. You can’t even arrest someone for dancing. Let’s just pray the next won’t be about going nude cos’ I saw another dance where the guys pulled down their trousers. O ga adinma ?.

Adejare Nathan: To me the song is okay. But the dance is ridiculous….I dont see myself doing it in public. Infact I was ashamed for a lady who was dancing it at the lounge 3 days ago. I tot “one corner” was bad, but this is even worse. The last time I enjoyed Africa dance was “Azonto” those were the dance that u could be proud of.

Gambo Emmanuel Djezzye: Very unfortunate that Nigerian youth protested for this Naira Malys release from the Efcc just for him to come out of promoting Fraud to promoting Immorality.

Oluwa Thobby Lobah: The dance is disgusting, And the guy too is also seriously disgusting, I don’t know why I don’t like him???Sorry if I say sumtin bad???

Innocent Tino: I Repeat, anyone who sees Naira Marley as his role Model need a very good Civic and Moral Education. His view of life is jaundiced. That young man( Marley) is Highly and deeply Flawed. It’s a Pity he has some Audience. Let your mind indict a good matter; and follow good People . You become what you follow. #Tinosbullets

This dance is already causing problems, What’s your opinion on the dance move?

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