Three Most Important Things To An Entrepreneur


One mistake entrepreneurs make which can be very fatal is to undermine the importance of structure and discipline in their businesses. So, you see a young entrepreneur teasing and yabbing guy who has to wake up by 5am get to office before 8am and works till 5pm.

Yes, I know that the 9-5 live is crazy and stressful, but, have you ever wondered why companies use that model? Let’s look at it this way. There’s a structure that’s needed for a business to grow.

Many entrepreneurs lack personal discipline. Because you run your business doesn’t mean you should wake up by 10am everyday. There’s something about the early hours of the day. The greatest businessmen on earth have attested to the fact there’s a need to wake up early ans seize the day even when others are still sleeping. Strive Mansiwa, CEO of Econet says he wakes up by 4am everyday. He does his quiet time till 4:30 and then goes to the gym till 5am. And sets out for the office.

Being end entrepreneur doesn’t mean a haphazard lifestyle. As you begin to get more professional with what you do, you’ll see the need to structure up. The need to be official and disciplined.

Those of you who work from home, don’t lie on your bed while you work. Don’t use your laptop on your laps. Get a workspace. Buy a good table and chair. When you want to work, go there and be official about it. When you wake up, act like you’re going to the office. Take your bath, dress up, and then go to your work space and seize the day. Don’t stay till evening before you have your bath and be forming entrepreneur. That’s crap.

Three things are important to an entrepreneur.
1. Your faith
2. Your health
3. Your family

Don’t joke with these three. Take your God seriously. There’s need to connect to a higher force. Your health is key. Very important. Sleep well, eat well and do exercises. Don’t take these for granted. At a point, I had to stop paying for night plan for my internet connection. Simply because, I was awake all through the night and would sleep all through the day. It began to affect my health. God knows why he made the day for work and the night for rest. You might not support me on this point, but, do your research well, talk to your doctors too. There’s no sleep as refreshing as a good night sleep.

Also your family too. Spend time with them. Don’t chase money and ignore them.

Discipline your self first before you start chasing big bucks. – Akan Imoh

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