The Theory of The Existing Cabal


business cabalsWhen you newly get to a place, or you get a new job or something, you need to be very careful. Many of you are so fuelled by passion and the several new changes you want to bring into play that you make some very deadly mistakes. In business, there’s something called the Stakeholder Management. Its a strategy to manage all the people who are crucial to the success or failure of your project.

You need to understand that before you came, there was an existing cabal. These people are power brokers and they’ve been there before you. But, you just landed, you carry your bent legs, be shouting and making noise about all the changes you want to make and such.

They call for a meeting, and because you’re smart, you start pointing out all the things they’ve been doing wrongly. You lay out your topnotch strategies to change things.

Biggest mistake ever. Be careful of the existing cabal. The first thing to do when you get to a new place is to shut up and observe. Fade into the shadows. Look and learn. Look for the power brokers. Look for the important stakeholders. Look for the people that have the keys to the boss’ heart, and what do you do, you align yourself with them.

The worst thing you can ever do is to step on the wrong toe!

Never forget. There is a cabal everywhere. Be careful.

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