The Statue of Rochas(Zuma Statue)


Zuma statueI have neither written nor said anything publicly for or against Rochas, especially on his most recent perfidy.

Ndi Imo have already done a good job of that.

The latest contribution by a ”Reuben Abati”, now making the rounds, has also done a further measure of justice to the chicanery in Owerri. The outrage across the land, I believe (and in spite of Rochas’ defiant outlook and the stupidity aired by the leadership of the Imo House of Assembly), confirms the broad disapproval of the generality of Nigerians. This is why it is difficult to appreciate, in any favorable light, the apparent measure of endorsement which Rochas seems to have enjoyed from the APC leadership.

To be sure, Rochas had initially encroached upon Imo with messianic zeal, only to become parasitic upon the entire apparatus of the state, to the detriment of its people and at peril to their future well-being and prosperity. But Ndi Imo saw fit to hand him a second term. Whether procured by dint of his ”good works”, by sheer electoral mischief or by bushwhacking his way through all opposition is not the issue here. The fact remains that Imo allowed him to become the landlord and their overlord.

Now this!

Msholozi Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma, a man of no significant moment in his home country, now stands N520 Million tall in Owerri, nearly 6,800 kilometers from his native Nkandla, in Kwazulu-Natal. He was said to have gone to Owerri on a private visit and, presumably, in furtherance of private interests, but he was received, with great aplomb, at public expense. His visit was even dignified by association with something called ”foreign investment”, even though only an MoU is said to exist between him and Rochas in respect of a Foundation owned by Rochas and his family members!

And Ndi Imo now appear to be settling down in harmony with this insult!


Enough, it is said, is enough! We must fast-forward to the climacterics of this unabated nuisance. Imo people must march resolutely on government house and sack that fellow. He must not be permitted to install his successor (his son in-law, I am told) and he must be given no opportunity to entomb his idiocy on a land populated by fine, hard-working and highly intelligent people. It should not end there. The march must proceed to the House of Assembly, and there, to dislodge the vermin who currently inhabit that space. They are complicit in this heist.

That said, Rochas has made front cover today because of his brazen stupidity. Others are more tepid, though not necessarily more intelligent, in their use of idiocy as an instrument of governance. 2019 approaches.

We must search them out and wrestle our states from their claws.


– By Okon Iyanam

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